Good bye "D" class

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by Mike Bell, May 15, 2013.

  1. :tongueout: Today I moved out of "D" and into "C" with a 52.54%

    Its been about a year since I first started USPSA, but I finally knocked out a couple of really low scores. And I believe if all goes well, I just might move up to B in another match or two.

    Here is my question, How long did it take you to get to your current classification?

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  3. waktasz

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  4. Hoser

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    Congrats. D is a tough classification to get stuck in because getting out is so hard.

    I made GM in about 2.5 years in Production after shooting it for about a year. Previous to that I was a M in Limited and Open. Got the itch to make GM in Revo so I am plugging away there right now.
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  5. ron59

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    My very first classification was 'B' in USPSA, but just barely. I had been shooting a LOT of GSSF so shooting itself wasn't a problem, and I had been doing some IDPA. I practiced a lot of dry fire on draws, as well as mag changes. Classifications don't usually have movement involved, and I went to a "classifier only" match early on where I threw down several high 60's.

    My 3 other buddies all started at C, however one of them is already an A, whereas I'm just below 70.
  6. Sgt.K

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    What division are you shooting? I was out of USPSA since around 2004 and got back in last year, 2012. Was D in Limited shooting minor and after 2 or maybe 3 classifiers I'm now a C. Started shooting Production last month, currently a U and want to come in a B but it may be C. Congratulation!
  7. I shoot Limited Major with a Gen4 G35, a couple of matches ago I got a CR Speed holster, trigger spring kit and two mag extensions and a Dawson ICE funnel. Still need to get some mag pouches, as Im using the old factory glock pouches till then.

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