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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by CBennett, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Yeah mostly positive but mixed..I may just try a pair though just to know if they are good or to avoid in future..gotta be better than the Converse,Hi Tec magnums, or others ive tried that sucked lol. Im assuming with the danner discount if the Acadia would have been $166 the Striker would have been even better deal.

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  2. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    I've had a pair of striker IIs, and they fell apart pretty quickly. I through them away the last time I moved. The leather was wearing through, the eyelets popped loose, and I think even the sole was separating after just a few months of wear when I worked for the state.

  3. Got the Lowa Super Camps today they are a fantastic boot. I cant find these anywhere less than $300 I paid $199 for them and they are well worth that. need broken in(wearing them now) but they fit great ran true to size and so far except being stiff and super comfortable. And they are even resolable which is a big + IMO. Cant beat the "glove leather" insides super comfy.
  4. CJStudent

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    Do you have a link to them? I might have to check those out!
  5. CJStudent

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    Doesn't look like it'll clear the metal detector, though, with all those metal eyelets.
  6. Buy a set of flat, non arch contoured insoles. Put them under the OEM insole. They will take up some excess space in the boot.

    I sell Redwing boots, and this is an old shoedog fitting trick.
  7. youre probably right but I will let you know..i figured most no one with the Acadias can clear either lol so if id gotten those id still be in the same boat. Only the Patrols would have(several with these say they clear) but the patrols were only SLIGHTLY less than these so I went with these.. but your probably right though my Cochrans seem to have the same style(nad number) of seemingly metal eyelets(they are not plastic they are metal of some type..and they clear so maybe I will get lucky who knows.
  8. CJStudent

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    Good luck, and let me know how it works out!
  9. Morris


    Who is a good dealer for the Lowas? Anyone running Haix boots?
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  10. Will try that. Thanks

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  11. Meant to say this in above post :)

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  12. Rinspeed

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    Just picked up a pair of the Danner DFA hot uniforn boots for $60 in the Breakroom. Several sizes available right now, they look very close to the Strikers hopefully they fit as well.
  13. DaBigBR

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    For those looking for something "athletic" and waterproof, look very hard at the Underarmour Tactical Mid GTX. I just picked up a pair ($170 retail / $135 from CHIEF Supply with 20% off promo, which I think has ended). Unbelievably comfortable, fit true to size, waterproof as advertised, etc. I've been kicking around starting a thread, but I don't care for boot threads.

    Here's a pic:


    They don't look all grayish in the mesh areas in person...solid black.
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  14. Well I can say the Lowas are some great boots, no they wont clear the metal detector the eyelets...just too much metal. But as far as comfort go probably the best ive had..they are pretty heavy duty and id say honestly took a good month to get broken in.

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