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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by wolf19r, Jul 7, 2011.

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    I've been wearing the same Mitch Rosen belt for 11 years. I paid $100, well worth it.

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  2. I have an Ares belt and like it a lot. Took quite a bit of time to get it as the wait was long...but no regrets.

  3. I have a leather Beltman belt and a Wilderness instructor belt and both are top notch. You can't go wrong with either. My beltman is about 7 years old and it still looks and works great. The Wilderness instructor is nice for fine adjustments. No inbetween belt holes with it. Either will do you fine.
  4. +1 for The Belt Man belts. He has multple colors, his leather holds up, many options for the customer.

    I have had mine for 2 plus years of almost daily wear. I would go no where else for my belts.
  5. Same here, with the polymer lining.
  6. I am a butte-less wonder and love my Belt man belt.

    Don't know if it is an issue which might impact you, however: I have a cordovan colored horse hide belt which I use for backpacking in hot weather. Under high sweat conditions, my belt did discolor in the area near the middle of my back.

    Not a complaint per se, just wanted you to be aware.
  7. Ditto on the Beltman.
  8. 5 Beltmans here. I will buy no other. Get 'em while you can. Jim won't be working forever.
  9. wolf19r

    wolf19r Problem Solved!

    My issue with leather is I have busted several normal belts not carrying or anything like that just normal use. Plus its hot and humid here in FL.
  10. Your issue is with cheap, normal leather. Quality gun belts are dual layer to prevent what you've described above.

    You buy a Beltman and snap that belt, then you're using it as a tow strap.

    If you don't like leather, thats fine... but comparing a Beltman, to anything you've gotten at Wal Mart/Tractor Supply/JC Penny, is like comparing a Harley to a tricycle.
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  11. wolf19r

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    No I wasn't trying to compare two completely different items. Ive just had a lot of bad luck with leather but I will be ordering a Beltman belt as soon as I get paid. I will definitely post about the Beltman as soon as I get one.
  12. Well, just curious, what belts have you snapped? I'll tell you, I've snapped 1 belt from a "quality leather maker" (which I later learned was anything but)....
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  13. 5.11 #59551 $17 at gander mountain
  14. Comp Tac, The Beltman and Wilderness make great belts.
  15. wolf19r

    wolf19r Problem Solved!

    From cheap Walmart to $40 dress belt. I destroy a belt normally wearing it about every 2 months.
  16. A $40 Dress belt.. is not a gun belt, unless I'm misunderstanding you. Key thing, they are all single ply, this is why they weaken so quickly. QUALITY]/B] Dual Layer belts, just simply will not do this.

    Get a belt that is designed for carrying a gun (which it sounds like you're doing) and your troubles will be over.
  17. Uh... just for posterity sake in case someone likes the look of their stuff, I would STRONGLY recommend Google before ordering w/ them. There was a thread here not to long ago (which I can't find) where a GT'er has been waiting for 2.5yrs on a belt, and has been repeatedly told it will "ship in a few days". Naturally, he paid by Money Order.

    Seriously, look somewhere else.

    I'm not one much to depend on the BBB for anything, but this is pretty telling... Of the 24 complaints, what were all related to?
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  18. Wilderness and Beltman.

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