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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by wolf19r, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Any word on that shark? :whistling: :supergrin:

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  2. It is supposed to be here this week. Haven't seen it yet though. I will e-mail you a pic when I get it.

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    Two I like and have are Don Hume and one from "The Beltman". The Don Hume is good, around $50 the Beltman is great, around $80. The Don Hume is worth $50 but the Beltman is worth more than its price, very good quality and wears very well.

    Both leather, Don Hume is cow hide and the Beltman is bull hide.
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    I have.... six Beltman belts? Four? Anyway, I first got my CCW in 2006 or 2007 and have worn a Beltman belt daily since that time. I sent them all back about a year or so ago and had them shortened/re-punched due to weight loss. I wear 'em with or without a gun, golfing, with a suit, literally every day as I own no other belts. No need IMO.
  6. Worn my beltman belt daily for 5 years in everything from cargo shorts to a suit. Still looks great and carries like it was new.
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    If your belts are "falling apart after a month or two"... your not buying gun belts. It's just that simple.

    I can give you a lot of opinions, but you really need to post your budget. You can spend anywhere from $50, up to well over 150+ for a high quality belt.

    In order for me though, from "Cheapest to Most expensive".....

    Wilderness Instructor -- 1.5in, 5stitch. Great belt. The velcro can be totally worn out, and the belt will still hold tight, if you use the buckle correctly. Velcro on mine is pretty well shot (cuz I use it while camping/fishing, and it's gotten wet, a lot).

    Aker B21 -- 1.5in leather, w/ a polymer insert for support. Great belt at a really good price. has them for $45. This GT'er was an Aker Dealer (you can try PMing him and asking if he still is)... He used to deal in the classifies a lot.... A GT'er whom I trust got a holster through him and was happy w/ the transaction.

    A thread...

    Best -- Easy, Beltman. Awesome belt. Use it and love it.. You'll never need another one. I've never personally used a Comp-Tac belt, but having seen them, I would put them in this category as well.
  8. iv got a wilderness and i love it. i really want a beltman at some point thou, since my wilderness doesnt exactly go great with any type of business attire.
  9. I've been wearing my beltman belt every day for about 3 years now. It still looks great.
  10. This.
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    A proper belt makes a huge difference. Think of it this way. If you buy a good gun belt for $80. It will easily last 10 years. That's $8 a year. If you are replacing an off the rack belt every 2 years, that adds up fast. $80 for a great gun belt that lasts for over a decade is cheaper in the long run. My oldest belt is a horsehide Kramer. I bought it in 1993. I still wear it and I know it holds up any gun I have. I'd say I got my money's worth out of it and then some.

    I've got belts from Alessi, Kramer, Wilson/Rafters, Beltman, Wilderness and A&G. There are differences between belts. Some are better finished than others. Some are thicker than others. Some have a curve and some are straight. The way each maker measures fit can be different.

    Take for example, Beltman and A&G. I like them because they have a "Quick Ship", which is fantastic. Beltman has a curve whereas A&G is straight. Both are finished pretty close but IMHO, A&G has the slight edge. Both are rigid enough to hold a 1911 and 2 mag pouches easily. Beltman only offers the Quick Ship in Black. A&G offers Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown. You can't go wrong with either of these two fine makers.
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    Also, I'd recommend getting a 1 1/2" width over the 1 3/4". The first Wilderness belt I got (the one that's 6 years old) is a 1 3/4", and while it's a fantastic belt, there are some belt loops that it's just a hair too wide for. When I ordered my Milt Sparks dual mag pouch for christmas last year I opted for 1 1/2" loops, along with new 1 1/2" loops for my 5 year old VM2, and a new Wilderness 5-stitch 1 1/2" belt. It really has opened up my legwear options, just by being able to work with the very slightly narrower belt.
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    I've got a Wilderness CSM lined aluminum ring belt. Best belt I ever owned. I'm picking up another one but in 1.5" to keep as a spare. I really like the Wilderness OD color.
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    Good point. Both my holsters for OWB carry, a Galco Cop Series, and a Desantis Facilitator both have 1.75" belt slots, but by the time you spread the belt slots wide enough for my thick CompTac belt, the belt slots measure just a pinch over 1.5", and fit nice and tight on the belt.
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    Good belts don't fall apart. First, you need an actual gunbelt, not a stiff regular belt. A proper gunbelt does not have to be worn too tight to keep the gun stable. The wilderness 5 stitch is excellent, durable, and reasonably priced, and has a secure locking mechanism. Galco, Bianchi, and Looper also make good gunbelts.
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    Thanks for the all the advice. Mike
  17. Check out Ares Gear - Rave recommends them.

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