Gold Dots - 155gr or 165gr for G23

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by avenues165, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. BBMW

    If you like the shootability, why look any farther? It expands more with equivalent penetration. What more can you want?


  2. Clutch Cargo

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    I believe defensive handgun ammo is designed to be optimum in a 4" barrel weapon (the exception being labeled short barrel ammo). Given that, I tend to shoot the heaviest bullet available.
  3. I agree. They definitely feel like they're cooking pretty good although very controllable.

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  4. Factory told me some years ago to shoot GD165, has always worked well.
  5. SCmasterblaster

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    Speaking of SD, I wonder what happens more often? A bullet passing all of the way through a felon, or a bullet stopping short of a vital area in a felon?
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  6. 165gr or 180gr
  7. SCmasterblaster

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  8. You know you are firing a strong load, but controllable. This is how it is as fired from my gen 2 G23.
  9. I haven't fired Speers 155, but my handloaded 155XTP @ 1150 feels strong, but very controllable, and I get back on target quick. I'm going to bump the load up to 1200-1220fps territory this weekend and see if the accuracy stays consistent. I expect the recoil to only be slightly stronger. I wish I had tried a tough 155 sooner.

  10. I fired some handloaded 155 grain Noslers at 1150 through my G20SF. They were very smooth in that gun.
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  11. I want to get a 40 barrel for my 20SF at some point. I bet the recoil is very light, and that sounds true based on your post. :supergrin:
  12. The recoil sure is light. The 20SF grip and that heavy slide make them a pleasure to shoot. Mine were light loaded 10mm rounds by the way. Same difference. :cool:
  13. SCmasterblaster

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    I take it that the G20 extractor works for .40S&W.
  14. You are right. I've settled on the 180 HST. There is quite a difference in recoil and the 180 HST performs very well. It's also easy to find.
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  15. I believe so. Like I said mine were .40 power level 10mm rounds.
  16. DRT




  17. SCmasterblaster

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    Do any ammo makers offer full-power 10mm loads?
  18. Hornady's 155 and 180 grain loads are medium hot. Their 200 grain load is akin to .45 ACP +P ballistics. I believe Underwood and Buffalo Bore are two that load 10mm in full power, along with a few other boutique ammo companies.
  19. SCmasterblaster

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    Good, The round is too good to underload.

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