going to start reloading 40

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by minkis18, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. What was the specific problem? I used WSF for some 9mm loads (4.0 gr with 147 gr MG CMJ) and it seemed to work fine.


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  2. I was trying to say it leaked all over the place. It came out around the charge bar on the measure. It rained powder with every pull of the handle. I should have just said that.

  3. That seems odd! It has been a few months since I loaded those 9mm rounds but I don't recall any spillage.

    I'll look for it the next time I make that load.

  4. Measure your powder bar and powder bar spacer and then call Dillon one or both are cut undersize. You should have no leakage.
  5. Interesting. I'll get on that. I thought that was lame myself. :dunno:
  6. I use 5.5 gr. of AA#5 in my SR40 with a Lee 175 gr. TC bullet that I casted my self and it shoots very good and very little leading. power pistol is good too.
  7. You need a new measure or charge bar. There is always some small leaking w/ really fine ball pwoders but shouldn't be an issue w/ WSF.
  8. Well the term ball powder & spherical are interchangeable, but not identical. Ball powder is just that, small round grains. Spherical is a flattened ball powder, not a true flake. It's mostly in how it is made as much as the shape. Flake powders are cut, ball/spherical are formed.
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  9. I like Power Pistol in 40. I use Titegroup for light loads with lead but that's it.
  10. I use WSF. 180 gr fmj
  11. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    Tightgroup smokes a lot with lead, You should try solo 1000 or WST.
  12. Not for Cowboy Action loads or for mouse fart loads in 45. YMMV
  13. Those are good powders, but I use Hodgdon HP-38 and load the minimum load for plinking with 165 grain FMJ. Works for me........DOC
  14. Titegroup will always smoke more then Solo or WST because TG has Nitro in it and Solo and WST do not.
  15. Hey guys, newbie to GT. In regards to loading the 40 s&w, i would highly recommend getting a .40 "bulge removal" die from either Lee,redding or rcbs. Regular resizing dies will not remove the bulge caused by Glocks unsupported chamber because it's too far back on the case. If reloaded without removing "bulge" on case it could result in a case failure! It happened to me. luckily no one was injured and damage to gun was minor(broken mag release).I dont reload the 40 until i remove the bulge first.
  16. Will these myths ever die?
  17. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    apparently not!
  18. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Not that it is too terribly important, but there is also a practical reason for the differences in semantics. "Ball" is a registered trademark of Winchester. So if it is a spherical powder made by Winchester, it is "Ball" powder. Otherwise other manufacturers must use a term other than "ball."

    Example: When Accurate made no. 7 & no. 9 in Belgium up until a couple of years ago, they were round-shaped but called "spherical." The newer lots made in USA are flattened, but still referred to as "spherical."
  19. Smh...

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  20. OK, I give, what is Smh...?

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