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  1. I'm going to start loading .40 pretty soon (have dies and about 1200 cases, once fired collected from desert shooting) but had some questions before I start.

    First, I would prefer to load either 180 or 155gr FMJ as that is readily abundant at my gun shop. which is generally preferred around here for shooting in glocks? A lot of the posts I have seen say go light. ***I am getting an M&P40C soon***

    My current powder stash only consists of Titegroup and Unique. I've seen a few Unique references but when I test threw a load last week it looked like it didn't leave much room for the bullet, if any. Plus it's dirty as a mofo in my experience but haven't loaded any hot loads with it to compare. My concern with Titegroup though is would it add to the bulge problem on high end loads? If using Titegroup should I go with a lighter load to help make safety checks easier?

    Any other powders to consider that could be used versatile? I saw a good number of people endorsing Power Pistol. The ultimate goal would be to use one powder for .38sp .40 and .45acp or at least 2 of them. Less inventory just makes life easier!

    I won't open the can of worms about shooting lead in Glocks. But my friend prefers FMJ in his baby (XDm40 3.8) and with him splitting the cost of supplies buying jacketed it's an easier sell to shoot jacketed through everything. I know, bad reason but anything he pays for is worth it!

    here's some prospect loads I've gathered lately;
    155gr JSP
    5.4-5.9gr Titegroup (Lee manual)

    180gr FMJ
    5.0-5.6gr Unique (forum listed)

    180gr TMJ
    4.2-4.7gr Titegroup (forum listed)

    Thanks for any advice.

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  3. I use Winchester 231 in both .40 and .45, FMJ. Its no dirtier than factory loads and I like the larger coarser powder as compared to the fine smaller grain hot powders.

  4. :agree: Or H-38
  5. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    You should consider sharing the cost of bulk primer and powder shipments with your friend so as to split the HazMat adder. Order your own lead bullets in bulk from any of the recommended suppliers. There is no HazMat on the bullets. I get mine from either Mastercast.com or Missouri Bullets.

    If you still don't want to throw lead bullets, try Precision Delta or Roze Distribution (Zero Bullets) for the jacketed stuff.
  6. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    180's are the most used weight for the 40.

    power pistol

    Any good medium burner will work.
  7. Agreed..don't use Unique it's really dirty in comparison..n I like the 180 considerably better than 155 in stock spring set up

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  8. Unique is a good choice for 180gr bullets in the 40. Run it above midrange & it's not dirty. Sure there are other pwoders, like WSF, that are cleaner, but Uniue will run fine. TG, not if it were free. I'ld sell it to a noob & buy some WSF or WST.
  9. 180gr Berrys and 4.5g TG is my favorite target load for 40. TG is great IMO for moderate velocity loads that are very accurate. It is a very bad powder to try to gain extra velocity though. I'd never push TG.
  10. Are flake powders prone to burning dirty? I am a new reloader.I've used Unique and HP-38 (both flake powders). Both seem to leave a lot ofash behind. Recently, I started using Accurate #2. I found it to burn veryclean; does not leave lots of ash. Accurate#2 also (at least for me) seems to measure more consistently because of the verytiny spherical particles. I’m using theLee Pro Auto Desk powder measure system. Sticking with Accurate #2; like it a lot.Reloading .40S&W.
  11. Another vote for 231 or wsf under a 180 gr bullet

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  12. I use 4 grains of winchester super target for my 180 grain 40s and 4.5 grains of WST for my 230 grain .45s.
  13. SPIN2010

    SPIN2010 Searching ...

    AA#5 with 5.5 - 6.0 grs under 180gr plated. :supergrin:
  14. ImpeachObama

    ImpeachObama Fuhgettaboutit

    Montana Gold 180 gr JHP or Precision Delta FMJ 180 gr:
    3.8-4.0 gr of TG for a Glock 23 or 22. 4.3 gr for a G35.
    4.3-4.6 gr for a G24. Those are my favorites. The first load mentioned is easy shooting. OAL is 1.125-1.130

    Luv the Farty caliber.

    For the 155 gr bullet:
    4.7 gr of TG is pretty easy shooting. I go only to 5.4 gr max on that one. You'll be at about 1050 fps with 5.4 gr.
  15. Actually, HP38 & W231 are the same powder, both spherical. Ball powders like AA#2 certainly meter better than any flake pwoder, but I have no issue getting 1/10gr accuracy using Unique. A lot of reloaders are just using certain powders for the wrong applications & that is what gives a powder like Unique a bad rap for being dirty. Still, some powders do leave more carbon or residue or unburnt powder behind. It doesn't have much to do with them being flake, stick or ball though.
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  16. I use Bullseye in all of my pistol rounds except for the 44 mag which gets Unique. Cost was becoming a problem so I standardized powders to the Bullseye. I use IMR 4895 in my rifles.

  17. Find all brass that says S & B and throw it in the trash.:wavey:
  18. Interesting, this not the first time I've heard HP-38 described as a spherical ball powder. There must be a loose definition of the term spherical. HP-38's individual particles are small flat disks. Where Accurate #2's individual particles are small spherical granules. So, I am confused as to how the two products can be called spherical powders. I am new to all this.
  19. And let some noob blow himself up?

    You made a believer out of me Fred. No more TG for the norton guy.
  20. Another vote for WSF and 180gr
  21. I use 180 gr bullets. The heavy bullets seem to have less recoil to me.

    I use Winchester 231 for the light loads, meaning weak loads. They just make power factor.

    I haven't found anything that shoots cleaner or straighter than Unique for full power hot loads. I'm with Fred on this.

    I use the same powders for lead bullets just less.

    I tried WSF but it spewed out of the Dillon measure with haste. Seemed like a waste.
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