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gobble gobble, its been a loooong weekend

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by punkture, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. punkture


    Nov 24, 2003
    guns: TC hawken and renegades
    when: fri, sat, sun
    weather: cold mornings (25-30) and hot evenings (70-80)

    it all started thursday morning, bright and early. we headed 3 hours north to the relatives' houses for thanksgiving lunch/dinner/etc. eat, eat, eat, boubon, eat, eat, guys know the drill. the father-in-law and i had separate 'meat is murder' campaigns in mind so we were ready to head homeward early.

    about 2:30am, my buddy and i were on the road to go hunting. a 2.5hr drive (shaved down to 1.5hr by my houdini of a driver) later, we were ready to unpack at camp and suit up for the woods. i was 30' up a willow before daylight and all of the sudden - KABOOOOOOOM - 400 yards down the willow strip. i got situated, the skyline started to come alive, again - KABOOOOOOOM. same shooter. another shot. squeelin' hog, another shot. 30 minutes passed and i started thinking that i wasn't going to see anything with the other guys down the willow strip slaughtering everything before it got to me. 7:30 rolled around. 29 degrees. no wind. 2 pigs stepped out. KABOOOOOOM. the smoke cleared and i saw both bolt out. one stopped about 50 yards and fell. the other left out. i marked the spot where the one i shot fell. my buddy and i met up around 11am. i stayed in my stand and he walked out to where i saw it last. it jumped up and ran about 15 yards and fell. the grass was 6+ ft tall. he held his position. i climbed down and our plan was to surround the pig. when i made my way over to him, the hog ran another 15 yards and stopped. he was hurt pretty badly so we decided to pull off and let him die. my buddy shot right at daylight that same day. his first shot was into a herd of hogs. he was no more than 30 yards from them with his double barrel muzzleloader. 5 min later when he shot, he dropped the boar in his tracks. after we finished looking for my hog, we went back to look for the first one he shot, but to no avail.

    the picture is of his first hog.

    we went back after dinner friday evening but couldn't find any sign of my hog.

    friday evening i hunted the same spot i hunted during bow season last year. i missed a doe running at 150 yards - it happens - especially with a muzzleloader. oops. saturday morning i climbed the same tree. my buddy saw a 6pt but passed it up since if you kill a deer during the morning, you cant hunt the evening - federal refuge rules, bleh. saturday evening, he didn't see anything, but at 6:07pm on the dot, i heard something coming. i waited until it was under my tree and shined my light. i caught a glimpse of a hog, at least as big as the one i shot friday morning - about 150lb or so. no shot.

    sunday morning we slept in. saturday was a poker night with the duck hunters down the road...

    around 10am today though we had a hog drive. i climbed about 40' or so up a willow in the same willow strip that i saw the hogs on friday. an absolutely breathtaking morning, but no meat.

    in the end, a long story. no climax. pork roast in the crockpot. better luck next weekend.

    all weekend from our group:

    2 hogs
    2 unfound hogs
    1 doe
    1 3pt
    1 6pt

    one of the duck hunters killed a 250lb boar (WOW!)
  2. StockGlock23

    StockGlock23 Hilarious!

    Aug 10, 2004
    Bremen, IN
    I hope I am not the only one that was looking for a picture of a turkey in this thread.

    Good story and congrats!

  3. For some reason that looks like one of those eurasion/ hybrid hogs. Love that thick coat and you had more luck than what I've had over the last 2 weekends ;)

    Qs and comments;

    If you are running/driving hogs and sounds like you have a camp closeby, don't you guys have dogs penned up for tracking game? Every hunting camp down here just about have a dog or two or somebody close with a dog or two. You guys don't have access for a dog? Or maybe those duck hunters with a lab might be able to loan a dog out ? ( they should be finished up mid-day due to the ducks not flying )

    Tracking a wounded shot hog is not fun and to be quite honest just dam right bad with a singleshot weapon like a mzl'er. You really need to put them down on the spot or let them run off and die before giving track. You can loose alot of hogs if you don't and or get yourself in a hog attack if you push them to quick.

    Also care to explain what you used out of the hawken/renegades? For some wild guess I'm assuming it's Patch Round Ball? I'm I right?
  4. punkture


    Nov 24, 2003
    it was public land and dogs aren't allowed for tracking from what i understand.

    370gr maxiballs with 90gr of goex black powder and cci #11 percussion caps through both my hawken cougar and my buddy's double barrel. he also shoots a renegade 54cal with 110gr of black powder and maxiballs. i've entertained the idea of trying the maxihunters but maxiballs have always been good to me so why change...

    the hog in the picture with my buddy is typical of what we have here, but the boar the duck hunter killed was a full russian boar.