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Gobble Gobble bang, your dead.

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. I hunted this gobbler this past sat on our opener day and laid him out with a 12ga muzzleloader. It was kinda comical watching him ( turkey ) trying to sneak in on a pair of hen & jake decoys. I spot him at about 50yrds with his neck out stretch looking my way and it took this bird about another 8mins to get a movin and when he was directly in front of my dugout, I lay him out with shot.


    Osceola Turkey ( aka simply as Florida Turkey )
    weight = 17.4lbs
    distance = 27yrds approx
    beard = 8"
    spurs = 7/8 & 3/4 inch
    weapon = 12ga Tominator Shotgun Muzzleloader w/2x Leupold Turkey scope
    load = 1.25oz of #5s, load in a modify remington cup and sitting on a 1/8" cardboard and felt wad and capped with a thin overshot wad,all fired off with 80grs of triple7. This load has been good out of this setup to 40yrds.
    choke = .665

    sorry about the picture quality.
  2. Jeep274

    Jeep274 Member When?

    Jan 6, 2004
    Bucks Co., PA
    Nice. Congrats Noway. Is this your first with a muzzleloader? My uncle and I were just talking about trying muzzleloader for turkey. He is a big fan of the muzzleloader for deer and wants to try one in 12 ga. for turkey. Who makes the Tominator and are you happy with it? Thanks for the pic.

  3. No , this is my 3rd with a muzzle loader but 1st with this model, I also killed one hog with this model loaded with 9ea-00B magnum buck. I previously own a knight TK2000 which was more picky on loads and powder but was reliable and much cheaper. I kinda wished I kept it tho, but nothing wrong with the tominator or TK2000. I've used the knight ML for small game and killed a painters bucket full of squirrels with it the 1st year I used it. Squirrel hunting during the turkey offseason is the best way to get some trigger pulls in and learn the methods of the ML shotgun.

    The tominator which is produce by a small outfit called whites rifles ( ) , makes a pretty good line of inline iginition muzzleloaders, their relationship with Doc White ( who I think is the founder or developer ) is unclear but he is the lead guy that knows these ML inside and out. If you check on the site forum , him and Randy Smith, who has written numerous articles on ML hunting w/various 10/12ga muzzleloaders, have a wealth of knowledge on muzzleloading hunting for turkeys and other games.

    {Who makes the Tominator and are you happy with it? }

    I'm I satisfied for the most part yes. I'll list the cons about them 1st from what I've exprience;

    > Their delivery is kinda slow, it took me over 4weeks to get something that was supposely in stock

    > if you place a scope base on this model, it is constructed so you can't remove the plug from the barrel when you want to clean it, It's frustrating but I have learned to get around this. You can screw/unscrew the nipple-plug out but it doesn't clear the reccess in order to get to the bbl end for cleaning and if you ever want to empty the bbl, your best bet is to just fire out the charge.

    > customer-sevice is slow in getting parts, they initially sent me 2 med chokes in my orginal order so I had to resend them back to get the full choke, which should have been in my order to begin with. Turn around was like 2weeks long.

    > they stop makin the camo laminated stocks and I have no clue as to why

    > the basic front single bead is smaller than a tit on a mouse, so you will most likely install some aftermarkets or a scope and since the rib is good, strong and wide you can easily add on a fiberoptic mount bead system or adapt one from a common mfg modern SG


    > it has a great trigger, and the safety is in a good and easy position, one of the better triggers that I've used.

    > it's less picky on powder and load weights. I've use BP, Pyrodex and now 777 and all has been a very good performer. Out to 40-45ish yrs with a #6 1 5/8oz load, I can easily place 22+ shot into a realistic turkey target in my setup. It patterns better than my all decked out 870 turkey gun and most other SGs that I've used, at the same range and if you use a plated shot, you could even get a denser pattern & extend your range. I've heard of storys of people killing toms at 50yrds plus, but that's not for me. I like to see the "whites of the bird eyes" when I pull the trigger ;)

    No lie, with plated birdshot loads number around 1 1/2 to 1 5/8oz of #6 , I 've shot @ Ballistic Product turkey target at 35yrds and the density was so tight it looked like the neck and head & body was shot with a 9mm. The holes in the paper was so big because of the grouping of the pellets was so tight. I would hate to shot a bird any closer with the heavier payloads.

    > It uses the std hasting II chokes ( same threads )

    Now if you and your uncle are looking into a muzzeloader this brand and TK2000 which can be picked up at cabelas's for under $330.00 ( the whites runs about $450 and a few dealers sell them or you can go online like what I did ), and both are great for turkey hunting.

    here's a few links;
  4. Jeep274

    Jeep274 Member When?

    Jan 6, 2004
    Bucks Co., PA
    Thanks for all the good info Noway. I'll be sure to share it with my uncle. Those sound like real good patterns. I also like to keep my shots under 40 yards.
  5. {I also like to keep my shots under 40 yards}

    Then trust me either one of these above mention MLs will work fine with the tominator being more of an advantage in pattern at the longer distances. Trust me when I say, "it will be very hard to not find a load that doesn't given excellent or superior pattern from these 2 models".

    Just follow Doc's loading advice and I strayed away from the overly priced & hard to find knights, TC, Ballistic Products & White wads and started using remingtom wad & just cutting the springy weblike base off flush with the shotcup portion, so all you have is a cup for the shot. You get a nice sharp razor blade and just trim it down. Simple, easy, cheap & I can get these wads locally thru various outlets.The finger slits are already cut and works great with seperating from the shot as it leaves the bbl. And since that's all I use in my regular SG loads, it just make more sense to me.

    If you are like me, ( shoot them under 35-40yrds) then avoid the nickel plate birdshot which normally from my experience cost more and is harder to find. It's not really need. I just been using the plain jane nothin fancy winchester shot. I buy the 14-15lb bag when it's on sale and just use what I need for ML and the rest I handload for my squirrel/quail/snipe/rabbit hunting.

    1 3/8 or 1 1/2oz of #5 or smaller #6, works wonderfully out of my gun. To give you an idea, the load above that was used this weekend is about the typical for a 3" mag 20ga modern SG. So don't let anybody tell you that a 20ga WON"T work for turkeys. It works just fine if you will do your part and same for a 12g muzzleloader.
  6. ILikeFtLbs


    Nov 4, 2002
    I have a White Rifle Whitetailer .50 cal rifle. One of my favorite rifles. Didn't know they made shotguns too. Now I have to pick one up.
  7. Rhinodo99

    Rhinodo99 Chilly Willy

    Aug 28, 2003
    On an iceberg

    Awesome bird. I can't wait until April 27th here in Indiana.
  8. f1b32oPTic

    f1b32oPTic R4d104c71v3

    Aug 5, 2003
    up close & personal
    i applaud the fact that you used a muzzle loading shotgun;Y

    just goes to show that you dont need a 5" shell with 8 oz.s of machined precious metal shot that tears your arm off and costs you $5 everytime you pull the trigger to drop ol' tom
  9. agreed on that and ROFLMAO on that above comment , but your are correct.

    But I will get one hunt in with a modern shotgun between now and before the end of our spring season. I was surprised last year when I saw a custom made 20ga muzzleloader take a turkey at about 20yrds or little bit less. It killed the bird quite dead.

    btw: It was shot by a 12yr old girl and that was here first turkey hunt and she walk away a nice sized turkery. ;P

    needless to say it was a BIG surprise.
  10. Michigun

    Michigun Miss Michigan?

    Mar 1, 2001
    Michigan, USA
  11. buckfever34


    Apr 6, 2004
    Southern IN
    Me too ;)