Goat Hunt, Kenai Mountains upcoming

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by smokeross, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    I fly into the Kenai Mountains this weekend for a permit hunt for goat. Have a sheep tag and 5 bear tags also. We have taken quite a few goats from this area, some of them have been entered into B&C. My son is going on the hunt with me. Expecting a good hunt.

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  3. Bruce M

    Sounds like alot of fun. Should be a great memory. Unfortunately here the best I can get is to be involved in regular and predictable goat screws at work.

  4. Sigobsessed

    Sigobsessed Good looking

    Sounds like fun, I hope you bag a booner.
  5. r3dot

    Good luck. A hunt like that is on my bucket list.
  6. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    I've been on several goat hunts in the past. My brother has one in the top 3rd of the B&C book. My cousin's made the 10 year book, and I got one good enough for the book, but never entered it.
  7. Hummer

    Hummer Big Member

    Good luck! Wish I could go. The husband of a friend in Chenega Bay (Prince William Sound) has goat and moose hunts coming up soon, too.
  8. dryfly

    Platinum Member

    Bowhunting right ??? :outtahere::outtahere::supergrin:

    What are you hunting with for a weapon ?
    What yardages are you guys shooting these goats at?

    Just watched a cool fly-in goat hunt not long ago.... think it was a father and son hunt.

    I doubt I could ever get my heart and legs in shape for that kind of hunting ever again ... sad to say.

    Good Luck !
  9. Have fun, climb safely.
  10. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    This is a father/son hunt. Taking a .300 Win mag and a 300 Weatherby mag in model 70 Winchester Classics. Both sporting Leupold 6.5x20 scopes. The one my son will be packing belonged to my brother who we lost 18 months ago. I hosed my moose last year with one of his custom rifles.
    Flying into the hunt area in a turbo prop Beaver.
  11. Assuming you mean 6.5-20 x 50mm, those are big scopes. I had one on my 6mm Rem. Great for bench shooting :)

    But I live in the East, so I'm sure you could school me in Western hunting.

    Reason I'm wondering is, are you going to shoot with some kind of field rest? Some sort of tripod sticks or something like that?

    Just curious :)
  12. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Southern Rogue.
    Silver Member

    I love the resources you folks have up there.'08.
  13. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    Both rifles are sporting bipods, but a prone rest over my back pack is what usually happens.
    If I told you the distance I shot a moose at several years ago with this set up, you'd accuse me of lying.
  14. Good luck. I'm headed the opposite way for caribou.
  15. Um, since I had one of those scopes, myself, I don't think I'd accuse you of lying :)

    The 6mm Rem isn't exactly a slouch as far as ballistic trajectory and accuracy go :wavey:
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  16. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    Hope you get a nice one. I will be missing the archery season for moose locally, but rifle starts right after I return. I've taken 16 bulls with my bow.
  17. tadbart

    tadbart duuuuude.

    Have fun and be safe, smoke.

    I miss Alaska. After PA school, I'm moving up.
  18. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    Flying in a turbo Beaver in 6 hours. Goats, here I come.
  19. Joshhtn

    Joshhtn The eBay Guy
    Silver Member

    Have fun, and good luck to you both!!
  20. Zonny

    Don't let your tent flood. :rofl:
  21. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    Based on the current weather, that is an actual concern.:wow:

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