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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Cole125, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. yep good price on the I just need to find a gen 4 17 slide?

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  2. Cole125

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    Just buy another gen 4 Glock as a spare, only a couple bills more than a slide.


  3. stolenphot0

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    At least the RMR solves the BTF issue

  4. I don't see anywhere in that video where its hitting the RMR. :dunno:
  5. Really?? I think I can see them bouncing off of the sight quite regularly. Kinda tough to tell for certain in the vid I guess,,,, but it's not hard to see them bouncing off of the shooter's forearms.:shocked:
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  6. might just pick up a gen 3 all decked out...shoot it...if it's good..sell the gen 4 17
  7. lkwan@houston.r

    lkwan@houston.r Glock 21SF

    It is a good price but I had Mark breakdown the price if you did his package price.

    It worked out to be $485.

    So the $470 plus $15 to ship thru gunbroker would be moot. Any it would take longer since u have to wait for them to ship the RM07 to u and then u ship slide and RM07 to Mark.

    So I'd say, just buy from Mark!

  8. Why would I want to send a slide in to be milled when I can buy a TSD slide ready to go for $269 shipped.
  9. Really, just like on rifles I much prefer a small moa dot. If I want it bigger, I crank the brightness till it blooms. Thats why I chose the rm06 rmr for my milled slide. Having a bigger dot covers too much of my target when aiming at smaller thing further out. Just my preference, I know I'm on the minority on this.

    That being said, I think I'm going to sell my Gen 4 OEM G23 TSD milled slide and RMR combo. I still prefer shooting irons even though I shoot faster and more accurately with the rmr.
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  10. lkwan@houston.r

    lkwan@houston.r Glock 21SF

    well i see u have a 19... Brownells also sell those for 17's

    But i have a 21sf and a 27, so that option wouldn't work for me.

    I guess it's not critical, but OST mills it straight vs Mark curves the milling to fit the RMR perfectly.

    No way a deal killer... if i had a 19 i would probably do the same.
  11. I like a small dot on my rifles too,,, but with a rifle I'm trying to reach out most times.

    As stated in my post.... anything inside of 25 yards I'd rather have a larger dot,,, helps me get on target faster and the 7MOA at 12 yards is only 0.84" if my math is correct. I can't shoot 0.84" groups off hand at 12 yards with irons,,, so the dot size isn't hurting me with respect to accuracy,,, but I'm not a very good shot either, so I need all the help I can get.:crying: I don't shoot much more than 12 yards with my pistol at the range. I can take my time and hit center mass every time,,, but I want to be FAST and hit center mass every time. The 7MOA gets me there faster,, in hopes that it will help me get there with irons as well.:cool:
  12. That makes sense. I tend to shoot 7 -25yds and 50. I still have to slow down at 50 but it helps. This isn't comp by the way. Torso size targets within 25yds and bottles at 50yds at the berm.
  13. I had my g26 done by mark at L&M a few months ago and love it. Mark does great work at a good price and turnaround time is very fast. I will be sending him another as soon as i can afford it. I love the 26 rmr'd. It makes the sub-compact more accurate than my iron sighted full size guns. The rmr takes some time to get used to but helps improve trigger control immensely. It is a really good training tool and has taken my shooting to the next level. I love this thing!

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  14. I bouught my rmr from one source tactical during one of their specials (i don't recall the actual price). I sent my gen 4 17 slide to Mark Houssel and he milled and installed the rmr and added suppressor sights.

    The whole package is worth every penny. One of the immediate advantages for training when doing presentation drills, is that the rmr dot clearly shows you when you are flinching and pulling.

    Mark's work is fast, clean, reasonably priced and his communication level is superb.

    For all the folks that are on the edge and not sure if they want to invest in the rmr package, you need to find someone locally and check it out...I doubt you will be disappointed.

    The only drawback that I can think of is that when running this pistol in a raven vanguard 2 holster, the sharp exposed edges of the front suppressor sight can prove to be uncomfortable and a bit problematic depending on where it ends up resting. This issue of course is non existant when I use a conventional holster like my dale fricke seraphim.
  15. I am interested in doing some modifications to my Glock and I really like the picture of yours. Can you tell me what manufacturer of threaded barrel and threaded muzzle cap you have on your Glock? And where did you buy them from? I have never seen a threaded muzzle cap like the one you have.

    Thanks for your help!

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