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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Cole125, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Understand that, I like the rule about spending the same on the glass as the rifle. However, I guess it is my naivety, but I had no idea folks were willing to pay $850 for a pistol sight. Especially in these times.

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  2. Purchased my used RM04 LNIB for $340 shipped from a nice gent on AR15. Mark milled and Cerakoted the slide for under $300. So yes,,, I have quite a bit of dough into the sight system. And yes,,, it hurt writing that check. Then I used the gun with the sight on it and it didn't hurt any more.

    I switch back and forth between my RMR'd upper and my stock upper to train. My speed and accuracy are increasing with my OEM open sights more quickly than they have in years of open sight only training.

    I'd much rather own,, am a much better shot with,, and have more fun shooting, my $550 gun with my $640 sight than any $1200 pistol I've ever shot or owned. (and I've owned many)

    I let anyone interested in it at the range run it if they want. So far everyone has thought it is amazing to run, and they can't believe how accurate and fast it is. They say that they "just have to have one". They, like you, then choke when I tell them how much money I have into the sight and choose to stick with their open sights.

    It's not for everyone,,, but for me,,, it was worth every penny.

  3. Cole125

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    You can get a Trijicon RM 04 installed on your Glock slide by L&M Gunworks for $700.

    Once you shoot it, you will realize its worth every penny.

    As said above I'd rather have a $500 glock with a $700 sighting setup, than any $1200 pistol on the market.
  4. [​IMG]

    Absolutely the best firearm accessory I've ever bought.

  5. How did I miss this thread? Is it worth it? Absolutely. At least to me.

    I had my Glock 19 and my Glock 21 Gen 4 done by Mark Housel at L&M.



  6. lkwan@houston.r

    lkwan@houston.r Glock 21SF

    I have noticed a lot of RMR glock's here but whomever has a RMR Glock with a Cerakoted slide and stippling done, please post a picture! I need color ideas from everyone.

    Is Nickel chrome a pain in the butt? Too many fingerprints? Does it hold up well? My glock 27 is a CCW that I have with my everyday so which ever finish i choose needs to hold up!

    Cerakote or Duracoat?

    I was thinking the same thing as Dan but YOLO.

    I have my RM07 to be delivered on Tuesday. And I will send it to Mark @ L&M on Wed. At the same time, I will drop off the lower locally to Dale Hunnicutt to get my grip reducition done. Hopefully they will both be finished around the same time.
  7. love to get a slide with rmr and sights for my g17 gen 4...everyone all call says they don't gen 4 slides??? I want to keep my side as a back up and by a new slide...not yet i'm told???
  8. nice ...but one, has a slide for the G17 gen4???
  9. lkwan@houston.r

    lkwan@houston.r Glock 21SF


    it has never came up have u asked Mark @ L&M? 928-445-3405 510-396-0849 (cell)

    My glock is a gen3 27, when we talked over the phone, the gen never came up.

    TSD will do other slides expect Lone wolf

    Lone wolf won't do any GLock OEM slides!

    Glockworx- doesn't mention anything about gen 4

    Not sure what Doug @ ATEI would say...

    Did I miss anyone?
  10. Cole125

    Silver Member

    Yeah Mark is the man when it comes to RMRing Glocks, give him a shot you will be glad you did. He will do ANY Glock model.
  11. Here ya go... L&M worked G17. Sniper Gray slide,,, home-done stipple work,,, roughly the texture of skater tape. (No pun intended:cool:)

  12. I don't know if you meant my finish when you mentioned "nickel chrome" (it's actually electroless nickel and boron- Cera Plate II from CCR)...not any harder to clean than the original GLOCK slide was...

    by the way...CCR advertises on this Forum and often offers the job for the slide (refinish, not the milling I got at One Source Tactical) with quick turn around at a fair price...

  13. i'll call mark and se if he has a gen 4 slide to work on..LW, glockworx, C&S does not..spoke w/them,...they said something about Glock still making changes to the gen 4 slide and not releaseing them????????? sounded like a story to me
  14. Cole125

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    Send Mark your gen 4 slide, and he will do what you want to it. He also offers complete pistols for sale with RMR packages, I don't think he sells pre made slides.
  15. don't want to send my slide out...I want a completed slide with RMR...keep my OEM slide as a back up...that is the one can get/make gen 4 slides...???
  16. Check gunbroker, they usually have some. You could buy a used one and send it off.
  17. good idea..none there today..but i'll keep checking..maybe glock will sell me one?
  18. why don't these guys have gen 4 slides?
  19. Gunbroker has some decent deals on NIB Trijicon RM07 $474-$479 buy it now price. It beats Brownells dealer price, or anywhere else on the web that I could find.

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