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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Cole125, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Cole125

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    I thought I would start another photo thread of RMR'ed Glocks. I just got a Trijicon RM04 7.5 MOA sight and Ameriglo suppressor sights installed on my G19 by Mark at L&M Gunworks. Other RMR users share your gun in this thread. :cool:


    Marks work is fantastic and overall I think this is the future in combat handguns. Its a night and day difference in accuracy and speed, plus it increases the distance you can be effective with a handgun.

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  3. Cole125

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    Nice piece you have too. :cool: What holster is that?
  4. MeanAction

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    They cost as much as the pistol.
  5. [​IMG]

    my G17 with a CCR's Cera Plate II (CPII) and an adjustible LED Trijicon RMR RM07...

  6. And worth every penny.

  7. Unless you have astigmatic eyes.
  8. Granted,,, I was speaking more to the limited skill set I have,,, not to limitations due to medical conditions.

    I have read reports of the RMR type sight extending the abilities of shooters who's eyesight is getting worse due to age etc.
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  9. I have a J-Point Red Dot sight on one of my G-19's. It is something else.

  10. True. I like to put that information out there as many have been disappointed after spending a LOT of money on these setups and end up with a big fuzzy red ball due to astigmatism.

    Definitely a "try before you buy" proposition.
  11. Cole125

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    Its worth it, no question. Buy once cry once. Just like putting a $1000 ACOG on a basic AR15.
  12. did the sight bloom like that for you with the adjustable LED model too???

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  13. Any particular place you guys are buying these RMR's? Saw one at a local gun shop the other day and it was $550 for the sight.

    Also, what MOA do you suggest for a target pistol?

    Thanks for any info. Not sure I can justify the cost for my G35, and I am a fan of Burris anyway so the Fast Fire is on my mind. But the reputation of the RMR can't be ignored.

    Putting a new barrel and Vanek trigger in my G35, a red dot sight would round things off nicely it appears for my intended usage.

  14. I picked one up used on AR15,,, and one local used on Craigs List. I usually surf Backpage pretty regularly as well,, and I've seen one come across there once in a while. Can't beat the deals on LNIB used RMR's. AR15 is the place they come up most frequently from what I've seen.

    The Fast Fire is a great little sight,,, just more bang for the buck with the RMR IMO. The FF also seems to eat batteries as well. I just installed my third battery in my FF 2. I've been to the range with it about 7 times,,, about an hour a session with the sight on the entire time. The first one went so fast I thought I must have left it on,,, the second went just as fast, and I know without a doubt that I've not left it on,,, been payin real close attention since the first battery went bye bye.

    My FF2 is a 3.5MOA. WAY too small IMO. I have a 7MOA RMR and a 7 MOA Insight that looks more like a 9MOA. I would stick with a 7 - 9 for anything inside of 25 yards,,, and that pretty much falls in line with everything I've read on the dot size on a pistol sight.

    Hope that helps.
  15. Where should I buy it from?
  16. For a Glock, I would call Suarez Int. for a quote on a Trijicon RMR TSD . 6.5/7 MOA for handgun
  17. If you're looking to buy new and get a good deal with the mil work also,,, L & M Precision is tough to beat.
  18. A quote from one of the recent suggestions was $250 for the milling of the slide and $600 for the sight. $850 for a nice red dot install? I will stick with my stock sites. Or perhaps throw a set of XS big dot sights on for $100. This is crazy stuff guys, holy cow. I know you have to pay to play, but $850 for sights on a $550 gun is ridiculous.
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  19. CanMan

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    I've felt that way about rifles & scopes for quite a while. I still put a Leupold or Nightfarce on most of my sticks though.

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