Glocks with Austrian proof marks

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by steel, May 22, 2008.

  1. Lately, I've become interested in acquiring a Glock with Austrian proofs. I have seen G17s and G19s with the proofs. However, were any other Glocks imported into the U.S. with these markings?

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  3. Coogan

    Coogan Original "G"

    G17L and G18.

    The rest, that are destined for the US, do not have Austrian proofs. There have been imports of various Glock pistols by CAI that do have Austrian proofs, but these Glocks were destined for non-US locations.

  4. Thanks.
  5. I have 2 G23s and a G22 with Austrian markings that I purchased in Germany and then legally imported.
  6. I have a G17 with austrian markings...i may consider letting it go.........
  7. I have a 2nd gen G17 with austrian markings.... like to see a pic of yours glockdude28. :cool:
  8. My camera ran outta batteries last night....i will upload a few pics tonight.. I am pretty sure that mine is a 1st Gen but i could be mistaken......I dont know if my camera sucks or what but i have had trouble in the past trying to get a good pic of the markings
  9. kirgi08

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    I'd like ta have a/n G23 w/Austrian markings.A G23 is my EDC and my favorite Glock.'08.
  10. [​IMG]

    this one has the marks
  11. Are Glocks with these markings considered to be worth more?
  12. :crying:

    Go to New York and see if you can find my one that was stolen there last may, it's a 19 with Austrian proof marks on the slide and barrel.
  13. I have a gen 1 G17, gen2 G19 , and a gen3 G19 with austrian marks , I am looking for a gen2 G17 with austrian proof marks currently .
  14. No not to most buyers, however certain people look for them and may be willing to pay a premium over standard used prices.

    I don't see first gen Glocks go for very much in general.

    There are some looking for the 3rd gen G19's that came in around the obama scare period.
  15. I have a Gen2 G17 with Austrian proofs made in 1989, bought it new.

  16. G19

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  17. I had 2 gen 3 glock's with sequential serial numbers that were Austrian proof marked. After Obama came in and Canada couldn't get any the retailers got in a bunch with Austrian proof marks and steel factory sights on them. I suspect they were purchased directly from Austria and not thru our sole US authorized importer (policeordnance) as they could give a rats as* about the thriving civilian market.
    Its sad really because all the redundant ITAR export laws he put into place have none little more than hurt the US economy, and boost sales from Eastern Europe and China who are so desperate for sales that they make Canadian's custom runs of certain guns that are literally rip-off's/clones of u.s. designed guns from Springfield, Colt, Sig, Remington, etc. etc. and retail at half the price (or less)
    Anyway, back on topic, I dont think the Austrian made glocks would be allowed to be exported to the US because they dont meet the US content laws that Clinton put in place... but I could be wrong.
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  18. Hey guys I'm a newbie on here, and I was just doing a bit of research on my gen 3 G19 with Austrian proof marks. Anyhow, I would like to get something other than a 9mm and while the Austrian proof marks may be novel or cool to the collector, I need something that better suits my needs.

    So, I am interested in selling my gen 3 G19 with Austrian proof marks. It comes with four high capacity clips (assuming those are legal in your state). I live in Dallas, and I suppose it would be easier to meet face to face rather than conduct business through the mail. But if you are out of state and want to conduct business through the mail, that's fine with me except that I'll let you pay any associated fees.

    My G19 has fewer than 400 rounds through it, 4 high capacity magazines, box, and all of the original box accessories. It has been cared for. My cash price is $550.

    I might also be willing to trade for the following:
    -Kahr PM9
    -Glock G36 (either NIB, with accessories, or throw in some cash)
    -Will consider other trades or offers.

    Please let me know if there is any interest out there!!
    Feel free to contact me directly at

    Please contact me for pictures.
  19. G19NC

    Notaraven::: Do you still have it?
  20. found my gen 2 17 with austrian proofs
  21. G19NC

    Got one from notaraven. Super nice guy and the gun looks great. Is there such a thing as a 23 with Austrian Proof marks?

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