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  1. Glockster27

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    Clarksville, TN checkin in

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  2. Apex, NC

  3. Hastings MN

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  4. Martin County, FLA!!
  5. Newton NC here.

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  6. Okay folks, I have created a new map using a site called MyGuestmap. If you go to this page you will have a scroll and zoom map. Clicking on it will pop up a window allowing you to place a marker. Like the numbers project, this is on the public Internet for the world to see. You are adults so be as specific or as generic as you want. For me, I put the nearest big city.

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  7. There a map id it anything?

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  8. :dunno: Umm, I'm sorry, but my iPhone translator isn't working at the moment.

    Could you restate that in the form of legible English? :wavey:
  9. i clicked on the link and got a map of the U.S.A. but no indications of where other glockers are....
  10. I didn't go through the thread and add people as that was never stated by the OP. There looks to be just three of us right now. I'm the west coast skull and Wazari on the east coast and if you zoom out, HPFlashMan in Norway.

    Just click on the map and it will pop up another window where you can add yourself!

    International folks can zoom out and add themselves as well.
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  11. Walnut Hill Florida here.
  12. Agghhhhh

    My iPad does not like that map....

    Hollywood, Florida here
  13. Richmond, Virginia checking in
  14. Sigobsessed

    Sigobsessed Good looking

    Rochester ny here
  15. South Milwaukee, WI

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  16. KentuckyPatriot

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    I must be missing something here as I cannot place a marker on the new map...:dunno:
  17. dbrnn6

    NY here
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