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  1. I'm going to shoot in a competition soon and they wont let you shoot with grip tape. This is my duty Glock 22. So to the point.. I'm thinking of stippling my Glock 22. Looking for input. I had the sand paper grips and didn't like them, so I switched to the rubber ones. Will the stippling be to aggressive? Thanks! Any and all input is appreciated!!

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  3. Will your agency let you modify a duty weapon?

    I've seen some very nice stippling done with a soldering iron, but I wouldn't try it myself on a handgun.

    You can vary the texture of the stippling depending on your technique.

    Do you have anyone locally that does this mod??

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  4. Yes @GreekFed, I can mod my duty weapon because my department makes me buy my own gun. It is not issued. the only thing I can't do is mod the internals, I.E. springs 3.5 trigger ect. I actually went ahead and did this myself. It turned out good!
  5. SCSU74

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    I have all my glock's done including my duty guns. There are several different textures you can use and it really depends what tip you use and how hard you press. I like mine very aggressive so the indents are fairly deep. An officer that works at our range did mine, I was afraid to mess it up haha. I also had trigger guard undercut and finger humps removed. I could never go back to stock grip. The way mine are now fit my giant hands perfect.

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  6. Always thought this was good technique and a cool idea with the stencils. I know you already did yours, but someone may stumble across this thread wondering the same.

    [ame=""]Glock 17 racegun, part 1 -grip stipple with stencils - YouTube[/ame]
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    I did it to my carry 19, and it turn out very nice, i just practiced on some Pmags before.
  8. PhilD

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    I just stippled a G17 open gun. My ADD gets in the way of lining everything all up pretty, but it is very effective. I ground down a soldering tip and set to it. Once finished I just worked over it with some grit paper until it was not too aggressive.

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  9. grip reduction and ergo package and undercut with index cut !

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  10. that i did for a coworker

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  11. Servicecustoms, that's a nice looking earthtone. Is that a standard job done with a soldering iron?
  12. Yes it is
  13. Get a professional grip job. Had my done here Be sure to get the undercut on the trigger guard, improves your grip. He can also do a modified grip reduction which I did and love it. I use my G35 in lots of different competitions and have seen a tightening in my double tap groups.
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