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  1. I stand corrected. that NSN is for a glock 19

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  2. Glock 17 is NSN 1005-01-426-0608


  3. I was also able to find the NSN for a glock 26 1005-01-559-0724 I cant find anything on any 40 S&W models.
  4. Just for ****s and giggles while looking though current NSN's i found this 1005-01-X90-2685 RIFLE, 1903 SERIES: 30 CAL 1903 MK1. I wonder what would happened if i orded one.
  5. Your new rank will be "Mr."
  6. I'm all for "America first" BUT...let's review. Who made the SAW that has served so many units so faithfully? Wasn't that FN? Who originally desgned and made all the Sigs so many SpecOps units hold so dear?

    Personally I would rather see our military use the best weapons available. If it was your life on the matter the maker...wouldn't you want what was rated among the best?
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  7. RBid

    Carrying Glocks or similar designs makes sense for the military for the same reasons that it makes sense for civilians. Glocks are light, they hold a lot of rounds, and they work. Whether you're on an assault team or going to the grocery store, saving weight where you can is attractive.
  8. This is a well written answer.
  9. Not trying to be confrontational,but if these firearms have to be open sourced who else makes the beretta m9?
  10. Nevermind. Apparently I skipped a page.
  11. In that pic he's an SFARTAETC Instructor, they use Glock 19's - students who graduate the course normally end up assigned to their Group's designated CIF where they also issue Glock 19's (some also have a small number of 1911's, not as popuplar a weapon as internet lore would have you believe, just not as reliable a weapon). A lot of the teams (SF) have Glock 19's and 26's, you don't see too many G17's in use. As is known there are other elements in USASOC that also use Glocks, one in specific that previously issued 1911's but now issues Glocks as primary sidearm in various calibers. You can PM if you have any other Q's - have a good week!
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  12. Wow! I would love to see pocs of the SF using the G26 in action, cool, Now I love even more my G26!
  13. They're used in smaller numbers, a deep concealment/plainclothes piece for when you'd need that in a weapon say if you're doing SR/Recce type tasks - they're good what they are. SF and MARSOC have them and a few other units that need that in a weapon, on some posts you'll even see CID Agents carrying Glocks.

    Give me a sec, I'll see if I can PM you a pic.
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  14. The USCG uses a Berretta but not the M9 PX 4 ? anybody know?
  15. USCG still has SMALL numbers of M9's for specific assignments, they issue Sig P229R DAK's in .40 ever since they got made a part of DHS....
  16. But it might let you get some intel from him. There is more to combat shooting than center mass and head shots.
  17. Jelly B was a police gunfighter out of ok who was hired to teach the FBI how to do it. He was noted for no fear, shooting with either hand and a propensity to shoot whatever he could see as opposed to targets. His specialty was walking in after a bad boy,

    He did the big m27 when it came out.
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  18. Will Beararms

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    And then there are the Glock Talk Special Forces------an elite group of Middle Aged men with beer guts hanging over their cargo shorts who carry all manner of Glocks.
  19. ^^Speak for yourself, some of us still PT regularly LOL
  20. Well yea 2-shots to a 3x5 card COM may look "sexy" in training, but if a target is wearing kevlar or a plate carrier, not going to do much other than shock them for a bit (unless one goes through)... hence why you'd want to put 2-3 rounds across the pelvis/pelvic line (tissue damage, severe arterial bleeding, plus knocking out the hip immobilizing the target) or across the shoulder girdle (again tissue damage and severe arterial bleeding). You'd just fire straight across, the whole failure drill/mozambique drill/body armor defeat drill/Ranger two-step or whatever you wish to call it is still valid, other firing orders presented is just another means to get the job done. It's just another way to inflict tissue damage/blood loss by engaging them either above or below the protective equipment/kit they may be wearing.
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