Glock Serial Number Research Project

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by GSD17, Nov 23, 2010.

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  1. Thanks everyone, I'm keeping the website up to date if you don't add it there.

    I've made a few changes including a new sliding timeline on the bottom.


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  2. G-17 Gen 2 #BZF5XX July 1996 (Security Team Atlanta GA 1996 marked)
    G-19 Gen 3 #SPB0XX Feb 2012
    G-21 Gen 3 #FXP0XX Feb 2004
    G-22 Gen 3 #DNU6XXUS Feb 2000
    G-23 Gen 2 #CFG9XX April 1997
    G-23 Gen 4 #SXC4XX April 2012

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  3. That is really cool. Did you work there or pick it up second hand?
  4. Stak- picked it up second-hand. Gun came out of Texas- was unfired when I acquired it, who knows how it got to TX from GA following the Olympics?
  5. G19 Gen 3 FDE
    THH ###
    Born on 8-7-12

  6. Is this thread still being updated? I have quite a few Glock serials I can post.
  7. mine is Glock 22 Gen4 blue aaee w/ night sight.
  8. D1N0, the front page posts aren't being updated, but I update them on my website, if you don't do it yourself. I have tried getting a few different mods to help, but it hasn't happened yet.


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