Glock Serial Number Research Project v4

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  1. G17 Gen 4
    Technician - Justin Wheeler


    G21 Gen4
    Technician - Justin Wheeler

    Trust me, the s/n on the 21 is really cool.

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  2. The lists on page 1 have been updated. We now have over 5,000 serials!

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  3. G-30 S
    Tech: Steve Kight
    Test Fired 1-7-13
  4. Mine isn't showing up here. I posted it on the website. Do I need to post it in this thread, as well?
  5. TRB*** g-29sf 3.0 8-21-12
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  6. No, I actually do the reverse. I take any posted in this thread, add them to the website, and then export the lists from there. When managing the website I try to remove obvious duplicates or entry errors. I may have mistakenly removed yours. PM me the details and I will double check.
  7. Woohoo, our first 30S!
  8. CKMXXX G23 owner here. I bought my G23 in early 2007 in Scottsdale, AZ. This was part of a LEO sale from the city of Scottsdale. I was told that these were about 7-10 years old at this time.
  9. G27...TSS***, Fired round envelope date 5 Sept. 2012...White Box, two mags, "AT" on chamber top(?) $519 + $10 state background check. Perhaps last batch of Gen. 3 G27's. Hope so!
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  10. I see mine on here, now. Thanks!
  11. TPM*** G-22 4.0 2012-08-01 Blue label fxd 5.5 3 mags
  12. Glock 36, DZG***, 12/1/2000 (I called Glock and asked for the born on date, this is what they provided). I added this to the website so may be a duplicate for you

    Glock 21 Gen 4, TUG***, 8/27/2012 (Russel Murphy)
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  13. MD750US - G19 - 2nd generation - 1990 approximate date of manufacture. (Prior to the Desert Storm Commemorative)
    I sold it in 2012 with approximately 30,000 rounds fired. The pistol was factory stock (not even the 6-part update) with magazines to match. Nearly flawless lifetime operation.
    It is a 2 pin gun. The grip left side has the Glock logo. The finger gaurd left side has a "19". The slide left side is engraved "Glock 19 AUSTRIA 9X19". The grip right side has "US Pat xxxxxx" and "GLOCK, INC., SMYRNA, GA.". The slide right side has a small Glock logo and "MD750US". The barrel right side has "MD750US 9X19" and a small Glock logo. The serial number plate has "MD750 US".
    I have found very little info on the MD prefix, so I hope this helps.
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  14. 3rd Gen - Glock 21 - TUB*** - October 2012 build
  15. Vincent Black

    Vincent Black Need a cup?

    G19 Gen4
    3x 15RD Magazines, Red label box
    Test fired 10/10/12
  16. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    UD9xx G-17 2nd Gen, 1991-05 Desert Storm Commemorative
  17. TWK
    Glock 29
    Gen 3, dot in the pentagon
    Test fire date 09/06/12
  18. Glock 27 Gen 3
    Serial #: SUL
    Test fire date: 5/12/12
    Purchase Date: 2/2/13
  19. UFF
    Glock 23 Gen 4
    Test Fire Date: 22 Jan 2013
    Purchase Date: 8 Feb 2013

    Got mine hot off the press!
  20. Glock G26 born in Austria on Aug 1993 SN ANRxxx US.

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