Glock Serial Number Research Project v4

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by stak, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. XGTxxx
    G19 Gen4 Blue Label
    Glock fixed sights, 5.5 lbs trigger
    Date Collected: 05-1-2014
    Purchased: 05-21-2014

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  2. I am sorry I didn't see this when it passed by. We have an entry from a member who has AAAA032 and it "is #32 of the first 100 made in the USA". I would be surprised if GLOCK didn't number any beyond 100, but they have reserved certain numbers or ranges before. They have also used certain combinations for custom runs so that is always a possibility.



  3. I have updated the site with any posts on here that weren't updated there and then updated the front page. There are currently 7,689 entries.

  4. I have two more to add.

    PWDxxx OD green G-19
    Red lable collected 11/22/2010

    XCXxxx G-26
    White lable collected 04/15/2014
  5. VVA***

    Glock 19 Red Label

    Date collected 8-14-13
  6. Glock23shooter

    Glock23shooter FN Herstal

    I have a MRK white label G30SF but the spent shell casing was lost by previous owner so don't know the date code. Has to be in 2008 year
  7. Probably in November. You can call GLOCK, US and they can give you the exact date.


  8. XTF192 Gen3 17L Red label 4.5 BOD 06/24/14
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  9. XTE9
    G17 Gen3 Blue Label
    Glock fixed sights, 5.5 lbs trigger
    Threaded barrel
    Date Collected: 06-24-2014
    Purchased: 07-14-2014
  10. AYC*** 2nd. Gen. Glock 17 , made 06-06-94 per Glock customer service rep.
  11. Hi, im Sergio from Argentine, my friend have a Glock 22 gen3, serial number OECC7xx. Those series were imported here in 2001. I cant find anything about that O "prefix". I saw the ones with the 1 prefix here in argentine but non with that O, any thoughts??
  12. Sergio,

    Is that a letter O as in October or the number 0 as in Zero? I only ask because you say you have seen others with the number 1 prefix. Argentine is covered by GLOCK America S.A. which they say is based out of Uruguay. Call the number listed on their website and see if they can give you any additional information or history about your friends gun and guns imported to Argentine in general.

  13. Glock 30..gen3.....tgf prefix...july 2012
  14. cadillacguns

    Millennium Member

    BRU756US G-17 2nd Gen Blue Lable LEO Issue. Dec 1995.
  15. Added via the link on first page of this post a few days ago.
    Serial: WUP***
    Model: Gen 4 27
    Test Date: 01/30/14
  16. Anybody know the date manufactured of my GLOCK21 GEN4 SN:AAHW54*
  17. can someone help me? I just purchased a G23 Gen 3 model and the serial number is " WPU7** I can't find it in this database. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  18. WXX5xx
    G22 Gen 4
    Blue Label. Purchased 10/04/14
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  19. XFU9xx
    G17 Gen 4
    Blue Label. Purchased 10/04/14
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  20. I bought a G-23 in a private sale from a sheriffs deputy in Nebraska. He told me the pistol was a retirement gift to a fireman in Nevada years ago. Strange serial number: SL-661. Any chance this is an offbeat piece with only a two-letter prefix?

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