Glock Serial Number Research Project v4

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by stak, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. AAGC*** G-17 4.0 6-27-2013 Standard Sights. Slide & Barrel marked 'USA' and Slide, Barrel, and Frame stamped with Georgia Proof.

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  2. I didn't mean to leave anyone out; we appreciate your previous efforts as well!

    Stuff like this is so variable, it's gotta be hard to project time to keep up with it. You may have 2 inputs in one day, or 50+.

  3. VFN9xx G-19 4.0 6-15-2013
  4. GSD17

    GSD17 Thread Killer

    I deserve no thanks . . . I abandoned it to the point that it was given to someone else.

    Thanks, though

  5. ESX*** G21, Gen 3, test fired Feb 27, 2002. Part of frame recall. Frame replaced r/t crack
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  6. smores

    smores New Virginian

    G19 Gen 3 RTF2 (red label)
    (straight serrations, ADJ sights)
    Purchased in November 2010

    G21SF RTF2 (red label)
    Purchased in September 2012

    G34 Gen4 *OD GREEN* (red label)
    Test fired 06/21/13 by Chris LeCroy
    Purchased in August 2013
  7. Stak,
    Could you please research my Glock,

    Ser.# TGR489/ Model: Glock31/ Gen3/ Born: 6/15/2012

    (Technician: John Vann)

    Thank you in advance,
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  8. Thank you both DJNiner and GSD17 for the kind words. I like numbers and data so it's a way I can contribute. :wavey:

  9. It looks like you have your little brown envelope and it's more information than I could have pulled from the list. If you are not the original owner you can call GLOCK, US and they might be able to give you a little more information if it was originally sold to LEO and US GOVT or if it had any "upgrades" (the GLOCK term for recalls).

  10. EMW0**US G19, Gen 3, test fired 12/04/2001 by Norma Arrington. E Series Frame recall.

    Replaced frame last week.
    New frame is G538XX.
  11. VFX0xx G21 Gen 3 California W/2 10 round mags. 06/19/13 bought new 9/10/13
  12. Shaker223

    Shaker223 Boost Rules

    G19 blue label, gen 3, VXU***, case date 9/24/13, purchase date 9/28/13. Its been on order since May.

    This pistol's slide texture is different than all of my other Glocks. This one has a smooth matte finish where all the others have that traditional almost shiny grainy appearance. It is different.
  13. TH*******, 08/07/2012,G17 FDE, second owner.
  14. My info is a Glock 17 with serial # AU131
    The production date for AU131 is 07/86.
  15. G17 Gen4. VDS8**. 19 Apr 2013.
  16. UWN0xx G20 Gen 3 California W/2 10 round mags. 04/13/13 bought new 10/10/13
  17. WTF...they skipped Y and Z. I suppose they were too afraid of what would happen when ZOM813 rolled off the assembly line.
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  18. MODEL: G-19 Gen4
    SERIAL: VVC9**
    DOB: 09-05-2013
    PURCHASE DATE: 10/26/2013
    TYPE: Red Label
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  19. VNS 08/27/2013 g30sf
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  20. RYU35X G-23 4.0 2011-06-30. Red Label

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