Glock Night-Sight Image Compendium (for those shopping for night sights)

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  1. I basically just took various POV images of Glock night-sight setups from AR15 and here and labeled them.

    If any of you see any errors, or, better yet, if you have some POV Glock Night-Sight pictures to add of your own that I do not have in the album, please post them here.

    If you are unfamiliar with Reddit, just click the link above and then click the link that says "The Glock Night-Sight Image Compendium" at the top of the page. That will link you to the album of pictures.


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  2. hey that was pretty to see what many different sights actually appear to look like on a GLOCK...thanks,


  3. Excellent idea a great resource. Thanks for the work ! SJ 40
  4. Great resource, thanks!
  5. Maybe the Mods can sticky this one for everyone who is looking and they can get a great idea of what there is!
  6. Thanks for the resource. I love the Speed Sights, but I'm really surprised how well I like the glow paint. Never heard of anyone doing that.

    What's a good source for the Speed Sights?

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    Maybe it's the iPad browser I'm using, but I don't see any images at the linked site.

    Too bad, I'm considering night sights right now.
  8. I'm on my iPad, and can view the images fine. At the link, click on the thumbnail it he upper left corner, that lets you scroll through the pics.
  9. I second the motion to sticky.
  10. Great post I'm really liking those speed sights that are in the shape of diamonds... Might have to get some for my 34.... Any one ever used them.?????

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  11. Yea I was hoping for a real-world review as well
  12. What's the general opinion on self-installation vs. an armorer? I've never installed sights before.

  13. If you take your time, you can install new sights on a Glock just as cleanly as anyone else.
  14. + 1 ,I have done five no problems. This clip will explain everything you need and how to by a professional not some hack.

    [ame=""]Installing Glock Sights with Dave Dawson - YouTube[/ame]

    SJ 40
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    Got it. Thanks!
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    Nice post man! I loved looking through those--excellent!

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