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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Finestkind, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. RichardB

    Silver Member

    Be sure to date the chart when you go "final". Because outdated stuff get passed around the internet far too frequently.

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  2. Great idea. I will get it updated tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Butch

    Butch RetiredDinosaur
    Millennium Member CLM

    It's a Gen2 G19 factory cutaway.
  4. Updated to include more Gen 4.

  5. buck

    Millennium Member

    Might want to add a G35 OD, Gen 3. Have one NIB in the safe. :whistling:
  6. If you look at Butch's picture, it appears that they just kindly filled in the rear of the mag to make it the same size as the 9/40, so it seems they are exactly the same size.

    It's my understanding that they are mostly for countries that don't allow use of mil/Leo issued calibers.

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  7. How about maybe adding a "Frame Size" column?
    Maybe right after the caliber.
  8. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Very nice pics!!!
  9. yes, this
  10. Any update?
  11. I am going to work on it this weekend to catch it up.

  12. Also, Check the Gen 4 box on G17 USA...

    Great list
  13. Ok I have Made Changes to the Chart. Mostly the changes were around the FDE and OD models. I also added the Frame Size column as requested. Please check it out and let me know what else needs to be added or corrected. Please click the original link at the top of this thread to get the updated chart.

  14. stak

    The 34 and 35 are standard size frames. Same as the 17 and 22. Just longer barrel and slide.
  15. Butch

    Butch RetiredDinosaur
    Millennium Member CLM

    Same goes for the 17L and G24's.
  16. also mark the Gen4 for the Glock 20. and glock 19 USA there are a few 3 gens around.

    Keep it up!
  17. I noticed the .380 seems to be in a number format instead of the text like everything else. (0.380 vs .380 ACP)
  18. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Look good. It makes the gun seem harmless! :cool:
  19. I have just made some more changes to the chart. (click the link in the beginning of the post) If you see anything else please let me know.


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