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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Finestkind, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. I had been thinking about creating a chart of Glock Models and INEEDMILK got me motivated to do so. I borrowed some of the info from his thread have started it but there is data missing. I did look through the SN database but some of the information is not complete. I even possibly posted some SNs without the Gen type. So if I could get some help I would appreciate. As the information comes in I will update to get it as accurate as possible.

    Thanks to those that have provided data.

    Still looking for more Data. Any help would be appreciated.


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  3. :D

    There was a 2.5 G20??

  4. Not sure but one was listed in the SN Database. BTW thanks for the huge start as I borrowed some of your info without asking.


  5. Butch

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  6. Butch

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  7. Butch

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  8. You still don't have G36 Gen 3 nor G36 Gen 3 OD or G29 Gen 3 OD.
  9. Thanks Butch, I was much too lazy to take actual pics. My G29 OD is NIB and the Glock Florida sales rep has had his eye on it for more than a year. :)

    I've got that G36 OD as well, that I never shoot. It has a horrible trigger.
  10. Butch

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  11. Updated the chart with the posted corrections. Still looking for additional info. Thanks to those who have assisted.

  12. Glockworks

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    What has this become, a porn thread? Yeah baby!
  13. Dr. Rod

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    I have one.

    Correction. I have a G20C gen 2.5, looks just like the 21C Butch has.
    Not sure if it was available as a regular G20 gen 2.5
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  14. Dr. Rod

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    Your chart is showing RTF2 G models. What is that?
  15. Reduce the headers and footers to the minimum height. Maybe crank all the font sizes down by 1. Put a legend at the top or bottom.
  16. Did my eyes deceive me? Glock made a .380, model 28? DOC
  17. Glock makes a G28 - and G25 .380. But not for retail sale in the US.
  18. Thanks, but I wonder why. Are we too"cowboy" for a smaller caliber?
  19. We are too BATF and the .380 won't make import points.
  20. Black&TAN

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    Although I have never had one in hand, understanding that frame size is same as 9mm counterparts.

    Collectors aside, not much loss in my book, thinking why settle for smaller caliber at same level of concealablity.

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  21. no mark on the gen4 34?

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