glock mariner

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by jeric777, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. totoo ba na ang glock 17 mariner ay balabag?

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  2. heheheheh..sino naman kaya ang nagsabi nyan? balagbag kasi hindi siguro quality ammo/reload ang ginamit nya..

    ang mariner version ay "only in the philippines" na tatak pero Glock quality pa rin lahat yan (marketing strategy?) <pampataas ng presyo>

    i love my mariners:cool:

  3. +1.
    The bullet must be -0.001 off-spec kaya balagbag.

  4. jeric, may problem ba g26 mo?
  5. i have a Glock 19 Mariner but don't have any problem with it. Glock Mariner model is a regular Glock with other stuffs added to it like mariner spring cups, etc... otherwise, there's no difference with any other glock whatsoever.
  6. where did you get that info?
  7. sir glck17, wala po problema sa g26 ko.
  8. oo nga where did you get that info?
  9. What ammo are you using in the Glock Mariner? Could be lead bullets and off specs. They will definitely keyhole. Try using Teflon coated bullets or FMJ.

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