Glock has big news coming in 4 days...

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by stolenphot0, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I may be flamed for this but... I believe it will be a single stack micro 9mm.


    People say that glock can't keep up with current demand. Bollocks, anyone who knows business knows they can't scale up to meet today's demand on current models when tomorrows projected demand is uncertain.

    Being able to meet demand that is greater than so many months out is a no go in manufacturing today.

    The micro single stack 9mm is a whole different channel of demand, and I'm sure glock knows it through all the emails they've been sent, and all the sales of such models.

    I think they are going to get in the game, and I will be in line at the lgs if they do.

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  2. Bolt action with 3 round capacity mag.

  3. A glock the size and weight of a PF9?!? I'd hit that!
  4. Exactly. I'm not ashamed to say the pf9 is my carry gun. As far as I'm concerned it has the perfect dimensions, and has been reliable for me so far.

    But, If glock makes an competitor i'll be extremely interested, and I think they will. Look at the reception the shield has gotten. Although I looked at it in person and it was bigger than the kel tec. I expect if glock made something of this sort it would be closer to the shield in size.

    Either way, i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. I love my G26, but it is a bit hefty for a compact 9mm. I have the PF9 on my short list... they just seem a bit hard to come by... Kel-tec can't keep up w/ demand.
  6. I have owned a PF9 and my new 40 Shield is such a better firearm. Recoil of a Pf9 is brutal but my 40 Shield is as tame as a Glock 19. Seriously. S&W did a fine job on the Shields.
  7. Haha, I've got a g19 but the 26 is probably next on my list of handguns. Good middle ground between the pf9 and my 19. Don't let anyone talk you out of the pf9 if you find one at a good price. Mine has been great, it's not range horse, but i've not had a lick of trouble with mine.

    Btw, I'd consider $250 new from a dealer a good price. At that price I think they are a huge value.
  8. They're coming out with a new custom line. You can choose whether you want your brass to hit you in the eye, forehead, mouth or chin. Sorry there isn't an option to have it ejected out to the right as of yet.

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  9. I believe you. The shield is so sweet. I'd like to have one. In some ways they are analogues, but in others they are apples and oranges.

    Again the shield is great, but the price isn't very comparable. Plus even though they are of similar size, the shield is enough larger that I wouldn't really want to put it in my pocket, where I can and do with the pf9.

    I'd love to have a shield too, but aside from not being able to afford every gun I want, I'd also run out of places to put them :supergrin:

    Anyhow, if glock makes something in the same genera I know I'm gonna want it, details be damned.
  10. If it isn't a completely new firearm product offering, instead of just the next gen4 etc..., I am not interested.

    Tired of Glock hyping nothing.
  11. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Maybe that is Glock's "big announcement"... they are making their BTF issue customizable! :rofl:
  12. Yeah, more disappointment.

    I've never seen a less innovative company. Ruger and Springfield have cleaned their clocks lately.
  13. BicycleDay43

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    "At Glock, we're all about inovation.. that's why we've created a 4TH safety!".

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  14. Lior


    My suggestion was a Glock 40 Lee Paige Special Edition, which incorporates a depression safety, preventing discharge when the barrel is aimed below 75 degrees from the horizontal.
  15. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    :thumbsup: That's a good intellectual joke, Lior. Consequently I don't think it's, 'going to fly'. ;)
  16. BuckyP

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    I've been pocket carrying an XDs all week. It's noticeable, but doable. I'm told the Shield is similar in size. :dunno:
  17. Yo' wzzzzuup homie
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  19. +1

    One way to shut the whiners up.
  20. 1. They whine for a reason.

    2. Glock like it is right now could not survive without sales to civilians.

    3. You people don't know what you are talking about.

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