Glock has big news coming in 4 days...

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  1. If it is an online community, I am not signing up. Unless they buy Eric out. Dude has done way too much legwork for GLOCK to just drop a competing website on him. I will probably be upset if it plays out like that. I don't know if Eric makes his living from this site, but if he does and GLOCK decides to try to put him out, screw GLOCK.

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  2. A single stack 9mm would complete me.[​IMG]

  3. That breaks my heart as you didnt buy a Kahr :tongueout:
  4. Bruce M


    My prediction: prepare to have your heart remain intact. But if I was a kitten, I'd be scared...
  5. Prediction:

    Glock, Inc. has purchased and is taking it over for their "new" Glock online community. Eric will retire to some tropical island surrounded by bikini clad giggling ladies where he can sip cool drinks under an umbrella and not worry about gun control or riding herd on a bunch of goobers on the Intarwebs.

    The rest of us get to complain about how the "new" Glocktalk will require a hardware upgrade - a USB devise you plug in that randomly flings spent cases into your face, locks up your computer, and then claims everything is working perfectly. It is powered by Windows 8 and is illegal to use in California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Hawaii. People from these states will be redirected to
  6. Frank DiNuzzo, NYSP retired, was on the Board of Directors for Glock and proposed an 8 shot, 4", single stack .45, he was told by Dr Glock that it would never sell.

    I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
  7. Glock has purchased a small innovative company xxx xxx xxx. The company has announced that all models in the xxx xxx line will now bear the Glock label. Glock will be providing additional resources to boost the production of the xxx bullpup carbines and xxx shotguns. Though not official, an insider has leaked that Gen5 micro Glocks will come with six round clips and a Glock revolver is on the horizon.
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  8. Wtf? G36 anybody?

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  9. See my better try at quote-fu in post #231
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  10. jay-bird

    jay-bird goin' broke

    Gen 5. Single-stack line. 9mm, 40.
  11. I think Glock is going into retail clothing, specializing in camoflaged concealed carry C-cup camisoles and bikini's.

    Surprised no one could "C" that one coming.

  12. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    They are starting a new website - on-line community...and I'm not joking here.
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  13. Glock has been sold to Taurus.

    The big sticking point was Taurus demanded the "thingy" on the trigger be removed. To replace that "safety", the new "thingy" will be incorporated onto the Magazine.

    After every shot, the Magazine must be released and the "thingy" must be depressed and the Magazine reinserted into that tunnel thing in the handle before firing the next shot.

    MANY experts have tested the new version of the old G17, and a full magazine can, with practice, be emptied in 21 minutes and 43 seconds.

    Glad I just got an Old G21 gen4:cool:
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  14. It won't be a magnum, it will be a 10mm Glock and ammo will be very expensive and hard to get. It will also really not be a 10mm, it will be a case larger than a 45acp bottlenecked down to a 22 caliber bullet. It will be potent.....

    The last time I talked to a Glock rep they explained to me that they are going to start shipping new grip inserts that have a mild beaver tail this year. Hopefully that is not all they have but would be nice.
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  15. MrGlock21

    MrGlock21 NRA Instructor

    Due to *****ing of the civilian community, Glock will be going to LE sales primarily. For the civilians the 9mm GAP will be designed and the only choice.
  16. MrGlock21

    MrGlock21 NRA Instructor

    Like the Dillon with their poster girls, Glock will come out with their hot calender, featuring Austrian chicks ...
  17. tampashooters

    tampashooters Shellback

    Here are 3 round clips... So, 6 would be awesome

  18. Und das vinner ist..........

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  19. New here, but it's definitely a Website registered to Glock. I found this doing a whois lookup on the domain Sorry if this is repeated information, but now we know that it's not what most of us really wanted:)

    Registered through:, LLC (
    Domain Name: GLOCKID.COM
    Created on: 30-Nov-12
    Expires on: 30-Nov-14
    Last Updated on: 30-Nov-12

    6000 Highlamds Parkway
    Smyrna, Georgia 30082
    United States
  20. stolenphot0

    stolenphot0 RTF2 Addict

    yes that has been posted a few times already. :whistling:

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