Glock has big news coming in 4 days...

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by stolenphot0, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. That's the best bet. I'd actually be really excited about that.

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  2. If they made something exactly like my Kahr CM9 with the normal glock trigger that would be awesome.

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    Looks like they want that GT top spot!


  4. Hot inside scoop: I just spoke with a relative in Austria who is a close friend of Gaston Glock*. The news is:

    A new Glock Foty. It kabooms at random (even if unloaded) and shoots you in the leg, even if you are the only person in the room qualified to handle it.

    Limited run, retail price $4,000.

    *'s barber's cousin.
  5. BuckyP

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    As best as I can tell, the 25 and 28 are similar in size as the 19 and 26. I can't imagine that being very popular in the US, other than a novelty. Outside the US, 9mm isn't legal to own, so this may be desirable. Inside, the popularity of the .380 is with the ultra small and light weight offerings.

    (AP) Austria - Gaston Glock today made a bold step in regards to the future of his company, GLOCK Gmbh(tm).

    On the heels of learning that more people are killed by hammers each year than by firearms, Glock announced that his company will begin producing the G1000 Tactical Hammer(pat. pending).

    "This is very much good news for the advancing state of warfare. From now on, the G1000 Tactical Hammer will be the weapon of choice for specialized militaries all over the world. If you'll excuse me now, I have a 20 year old to go fondle." said Gaston Glock.

    Reaction from random people on the street was mixed.

    "I don't think it's a good idea." said one fan, who asked to be referred to as only "bac". "The modern hammer was refined to the state we now know in the year 1911, and as we all know, anything that was designed after 1911 is just a waste of time." When asked to expand on his comments, bac would only state, "Look, I have to get some new carpet right now, it's time to kick 2013 off with a change."

    Another person, who wished to be identified as "GodCarriesAGLOCK" was thrilled. "This is clearly going to be the most incredible hammer of all time. Other hammer manufacturers should just stop making their hammers. There is a specialized polygonal head on the GLOCK G1000 Tactical Hammer that will make it hit with a harder velocity than any other hammer on Earth, and probably any other hammer in the universe, if we're being honest."

    When asked his opinions of initial reports that the G1000 Tactical Hammer would sometimes snap at the head and send parts of the hammer flying back into the user's face, GodCarriesAGLOCK offered, "That's clearly anti-GLOCK lying, if I'm being honest. Nothing branded GLOCK has ever broken. The very first G17 that was made is still around, and from what I hear it's fired 756,000,000 rounds of submachine gun ammunition, half of those underwater, and it's never even been field stripped.

    Glock claims that his G1000 Tactical Hammer will have a use life of ten quadrillion nails driven, or three self defense applications, whichever occurs first.

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  7. michael_b

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    you nailed it!
  8. cangler

    cangler Republican!!

    :rofl: I wrote that but was thinking 6 to 8 rds, woops!
  9. Hopefully its an optics ready glock like s&w did with the core.
  10. A MIM free gun?
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  11. wk9k

    +1 on that. It would be VERY surprising if they did.
  12. 1911, with a polymer frame?
  13. ZRiz19C

    ZRiz19C In The Woods

    A single stack Glock would break my heart. I just bought a Beretta Nano yesterday.
  14. A long slide glock in .45 cal would make my day :)
  15. a decoder ring that spells out the secret message:

  16. Ralphie... you'll shoot your eye out.

    Just drink more Ovaltine and call it a day.

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  17. AgentM79

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    A Glock 30S wouldn't be big news. Davidson's "Gallery of Guns" has had it listed for about two weeks. But like everything else on their website, they have "0" in stock. I go there for the laughs. They're like the Cheese Shop in the Monty Python skit, substituting complete absence of guns for complete absence of cheese.

    I'd like to see a carbine. I'd like a "classic" series with Gen2 frames. I'd like Gen4 9mm's without brass-to-the face issues. I'd even like a single-stack .45ACP. Probably, though, it will be a single-stack sub-compact 9mm. Not interested.

  18. And many others. :cool:
  19. Last time Glock said they had "Big News", they (re)unveiled a few GEN 4 models that had already been released, along with the 25th Anniversary GEN 4 G17. My guess is that they will announce the release of the GEN 4 G20, 29 & 30 (which were all released to LE distributors 6-7 months ago).

    I would definitely be interested in a 6" GEN 4 G20 Longslide & a Shield sized single stack 9, but I'm not holding my breath...
  20. Hopefully that they won't be selling to the Obama Administration.

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