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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by TruthNotRelative, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. I recently sent my G23 off to Glock for a frame swap because of mods that I did that I regretted. Among the mods was a grip reduction (which I didn't regret). Because I loved the grip on my G23 (post GR), I am seriously considering a GR on the new lower. My dilemma is that I do not want to fill the back-strap with epoxy, or employ the "candle method"... what then is left, as far as GR options? Part of me wants to leave the lower as-is, completely untouched.. but the other part of me knows that the GR on my old lower was absolutely perfect, and felt so much better than the stock grip.. any idea's that I've not heard of? Please, no comments on how stupid it is to modify a stock Glock lower.. I am only interested in "innovative" idea's concerning Glock GR's that I may not have considered/heard of. Thanks.

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  3. The Glock 23/32 grip fits my hand pretty well as is size wise, but I did find undercutting the triggerguard made a world of difference in getting a solid grip on the gun. Since this gets your hand higher up and puts less of your hand on the palm swell it may act as a "grip reduction". You also may consider dremeling off checkering (and maybe a tad deeper) and stippling or grip taping it to regain some texture.

    I have a standard Glock 21 and am considering dremeling the top part of backstrap where the web of my hand fits to alleviate some of the 21's boxy feel; however, I have not figured out how to do this cleanly. The trigger undercut is easy since the Dremel drum fits nicely in this space.

  4. pictures please
  5. Dremel 60 grit drums for the initial removal and 120 to finish it up with some fine grit steel wool. A note of caution, if you have an extended mag release be careful not to remove too much material that your hand rides up so high as to interfere with it. Just take it slow, and keep checking your hand fit.
  6. I have done this to every Glock I have. Guess my fat fingers just need the extra room. Sure does make it more comfortable to shoot. Fine tuning I just wrap sandpaper around a highlighter and slowly sand where needed.
  7. Dry fire an hour a day for 3 months before you grind anything. (assumes technique is sound)
  8. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    I just sent mine to Lane Owens @ Cold Bore Customs. His work is so much more clean looking that I could ever hope to acheive on my first try. I think for the time involved, his prices are reasonable too. Matter of fact I wouldn't be surprised to see them rise just because the word of his work has spread and his backlogs are increasing.
  9. thanks for the pics.
  10. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    If I couldn't fit my hand around a 9mm or .40S&W glock, I'd carry mace in my purse instead.

    Seriously, I'd carry another weapon rather than molesting a glock.
  11. TexasPOff

    TexasPOff "Dump The Hump"

    Unfortunately there really isn't any other options to achieve a reduction. At least those are the two that are the most widely used.

  12. Send it to Cold Bore like I did. I also debated keeping my Gen 3 G19 stock but it didn't fit my hand like I thought it should. If you have Cold Bore do the work you know it will be done right.
  13. TexasPOff

    TexasPOff "Dump The Hump"

    It's not that I, or many other shooters can't fit their hands around the Glocks grip, they just fit better after a bit of massaging, or molesting :). It is the same principal as changing the grips on a 1911, or the grip inserts on other polymer guns. There is just a bit more work to it and yes it is permanent. Regardless I would take my molested Glocks over standard ones all day. :whistling: TXPO

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  14. TexasPOff, what things have been done to the glocks in that picture? That is exactly the grip and texture I want. Sorry for interrupting.
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  15. TexasPOff

    TexasPOff "Dump The Hump"

    No problem, both have extreme reductions, finger hump removal, undercut and rounded trigger guards, the third gen has the mag recess cut, the fourth gen has the mag release contoured, and both are done in carry texture.

  16. Do they have grip plugs in them? If so what kind do you prefer?
  17. lwbfl

    lwbfl 2A Defender

    Buy a GEN4 , problem solved.
  18. The grips were REDUCED.
  19. One quick question tell me that you weren't going to be shooting in GSSF were you especially amateur civilian/guardian, master-stock division if so you can't use it in those divisions, just saying.
  20. Because shooting in a certain division of gssf should be in the top 100 reasons of why you might modify a weapon. :upeyes:
  21. I can fit my hand around it just fine. Grip reductions are fairly common on Glocks. I assume this is because people who dislike the Glock "grip angle" still love/trust Glocks. I am one of those people. Btw, my purse is full.

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