Glock generations, "gills", 2- & 3-pin frames, and other helpful photos

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by DJ Niner, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Great info and thanks!

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  2. BustedFlush

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    Very nice job! Thanks DJ!

    I have one of each. Oddly, my first subcompact Glock, a smooth fingered gen 2.5 G27 with a slip on grip and that "pretty" original Glock slide finish still seems to be my favorite. My gen4 26 is growing on me. Thanks again for the great pics!

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  3. DJ Niner


    More nice words; thanks!

    I totally agree with you on the finish of the early Glocks.
    I prefer it to all other variations, and it seems pretty durable.
  4. You answered my question in advance of me asking.

    I spotted a DZU*** G19, on a MI forum that looks like a small mold mark where the 3 rd pin would go.It's hard to tell by the pic, but it doesn't look like the 3rd pin on my GUB *** G19

    link to the ad

    The question is, is a 3 pin better than a 2 pin model? I know it won't have the BTF issue, but it is pricey.
  5. DJ Niner


    Only you can make that call. Personally, if I was buying an older used Glock with the intention of shooting it regularly, I'd try to buy the latest/newest model that I was reasonably certain would work well, if for no other reason than parts availability. Generally, the older the model of ANY firearm, the more difficult it is to get parts for it. In the Glock world, examples of hard-to-find parts might include the old flat-sided (non-LCI) extractors, older locking blocks, and the very early "pencil"/skinny 9mm barrels.

    I have several older 9mm models, but I try to do most of my shooting with newer Glocks. Several of my Gen3 guns have the flat-sided/non-LCI extractor, but I bought a few spares several years ago, so if I need some to replace worn or broken parts, I already have them. For folks who don't stock spare parts, the only other option is to send it to the factory and hope they still have a stash of older parts that includes whatever you need.

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  6. I'm new to the Forum and guns. About 6 months ago I purchased a Glock g21 .45 ACP, with 3 mags (One extended)

    Based on the pics, I'm pretty sure it's a Gen 2.5. My question is... How can I tell the difference between a gen 2.5 and 3? (Sorry if this is a silly question, but Im a newb)
  7. BustedFlush

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    I just dropped by and caught one I can answer.

    In the Glock 21 what we call gen 2.5 means it has the finger grooves but the frame does NOT have the accessory rail. There used to be pics of these in the old Serial Number Thread, but I couldn't find them. I'll look again later.

    If you have neither rail nor finger grooves it is gen 2.

    If you have finger grooves only, it is gen 2.5.

    If you have both, it is gen 3.

    Gen 2.5 means something a little different in the subcompact 26 and 27 than it does with your large frame 21. DJ did a nice job of explaining what a gen 2.5 means for the subcompacts. I think in all uses, "gen 2.5" simply refers to intermediate step between gen 2 and gen 3. There is no such thing as a gen 2.5 in a Glock 19 or 17 for instance, nor for several other models.

    It gets confusing and not everyone agrees on these definitions, especially with the subs. If my definitions above were applied to the subcompacts, they would still be gen 2.5 since they still lack the rail.

    I've "over answered" your question.

    You can use your serial number alpha prefix to get the date of production if you are interested. Hopefully the link in my signature is still good.

    ETA: The first one I see posted in the SN thread is this one:

    CGD*** G-21C 2.5 1997-05-01

    I would not be surprised if there were earlier ones though. Someone might have submitted their SN and not realized that the finger grooves meant we'd call it Gen 2.5.

    I hope you like your G21 and that you enjoy it.

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  8. Thanks... I really appreciate the info

    Glad I found this forum... I have a lot to learn
  9. DJ Niner


    Based on a recent thread in the General Glocking sub-forum, some folks have had difficulties using (or perhaps more accurately, figuring out how to use) the Glock-supplied magazine loader. Click the link below to see a short video clip demonstrating the use of the Glock mag loader:

    (link is temporarily down, looking for new video host, sorry)

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  10. You should post this on

    Someone just posted a picture today of a broken mag loader with the title "You win this time, magazine."
  11. DJ Niner


    Well, I'm not going to say it will ALWAYS be this easy to load a mag with the Glock loader; this mag was well-broken-in, and I only loaded 5 rounds into it. I've seen my share of recalcitrant mags (especially when they are brand new), and I'm sure this isn't the first time a loader has been broken during use.

    However, I will note that the mag shown on Reddit was NOT a Glock factory mag, had a greatly extended capacity, and was being filled with .45 ACP ammo. The strength of a spring required to push an extended stack of chubby .45 ACP punkin' balls up and out of a long tube in a timely fashion so as to keep up with a quickly cycling slide may well have exceeded the design/build specifications of the Glock mag loader, so I wouldn't really call this a failure under "normal" use.

    If you think the vid clip would be helpful to Reddit users, feel free to repost it with a "For non-commercial educational use only" disclaimer.
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  12. DJ Niner


    25,000 views and still climbing!

    Thanks again for all the kind words, and thanks to the other folks who have added knowledge, tips, and photos to this thread!
  13. very informative.
  14. There are Gen 2.5 G33's. My uncle has one of them.
  15. DJ Niner


    Good to know!

    If you don't mind, and if he doesn't mind, the next time you see or talk to him, could you get the first three letters of the serial number? I'd be interested in knowing the approximate serial number range where these were produced.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can do!
  16. I have a question, which i think might be a useful thought to add this thread. Roughly what months/years were each generation of Glock made? example

    Gen1 1985-1995
    Gen2 1995-etc etc etc

    I know some generations overlap (Gen3 and Gen4 currently do) but i think this would be useful for me (and hopefully some others)
  17. DJ Niner


    If anyone else has this info handy and would post it, that would be great, and here's my "Thank You" in advance!

    If not, I'll squeeze that info out of the serial number research thread and put it together in an easy-to-read format sometime in the next week or so.

    I agree that this would be handy info to have at hand; thanks for the idea!
  18. stak

    Here is what I have...

    Gen1 1982-1989(~March)
    Gen2 (~March) 1989-1997 (~August)
    Gen3 (~August) 1997-Present
    Gen4 2010-Present
  19. RimShot

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    Awesome! I was looking for this information for several days, and could only peice together what decade each Gen started in.
    May I ask where you got this information?

    i am the one who rings the doorbell
  20. Great thread with awesome info. Thanks for posting it.

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