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  1. I am looking for a gen 1 if anyone has one for sale
    Allan 318-469-6083

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  2. Had one, but let it go at last years GSSF event close to Atlanta. Mr. Butch Barton has it now. Was one heck of a shooter when I owned and I think the quality was much better than the ones now being produced, although I still love Glocks, but am pretty much unable to shoot accurately anymore.

  3. thats good info Well if u know of anyone please ask them to call me 318-469-6083 Allan
  4. Have you checked ? I saw a couple on there a few weeks ago. Seemed to me to be a little over priced though. One NIB was $895
  5. yes I missed that one.... I am sure someone is looking to sell a gen 1 or I will trade them a NEW gen 3 or gen 4 for one
  6. Glock23shooter

    Glock23shooter FN Herstal

    What's over priced about that? Esp if it's "brand new" everyone needs to stop being cheap!
  7. I'm not. Cheap. I will pay any fair price
    How much is a gen 1 19 worth ?
  8. jay-bird

    jay-bird goin' broke


    You'll never find a Gen 1 G19 for sale. Never.

    A gen 1 G17 can be found easily.
  9. I know they are rare. Just curious what
    One is worth ?
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  10. Glock23shooter

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    My comment was refered to who i quoted, but to answer your questions some people think it's stupid but other such as myself that are big glock enthusiast think different!

    Honestly Gen 1 Glocks are extremely rare and those that want it are willing to pay whatever it's worth to them which is going to be BIG money. I think a gen 1 G17 could go for easily $800+ as a G19 gen 1 would be over $1000+ easily. If i had one for me everything has a price and i would sell it for $1500 if someone wanted to buy from me. Hell maybe more, at the end of the day people will grow into them and realize it's something that started history and as the years go by the prices will rise more and more!
  11. Glock23shooter

    Glock23shooter FN Herstal

    Another true theory there were only very few of them made! So whoever has one and decides to sell for his price interest can name their price and up to whoever wants to buy it. That or take it to their grave lol
  12. I agree with both of you And glock 23
    You are right this gun made history so that's why
    I want to collect them. ESP early gen 1 guns
  13. samurairabbi

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    Something to be cautious about: many so-called gen ones in ads are actually gen TWOS. Many think that no finger grooves makes theirs a gen one. Check the actual pics of the item very carefully.
  14. i will take it please call me 318-469-6083 Allan
  15. Ahhh man... Well I tried. I hope you both enjoy your new pistol/money. Congrats to the both of you.
  16. yes I bought it im very pleased !
  17. Would you mind saying what you paid? Understandable if you dont care to share that info, just curious.
  18. Nice get. Looks like a good price compared to the one mentioned earlier in thread on gunbrokers for $895.
  19. My glock is gone. Thanks again Allan!!

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