Glock G34 Gen 3

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  1. Newbie here.
    Chance to pick up a used one for a fair price
    May be stepping into a mine field here.
    Never owned a G lock.
    Fired a 17 once.
    A revered gunsmith told me to stayaway from Glocks.
    Bad Metalurgy, A/Ds, and possible to fire out of battery.

    Any truth to these rumors?
    Thanks, George M.
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  3. Glocks are a good pistol. The 34 is a bit long for concealed carry, but it is a good range/competition gun. They are simple to work on and parts are cheap.

    If you can get it at a fair price, you can also sell it off at a fair price should you decide it isn't for you.

  4. It's gone, he traded for a 30-30.
    I offered a 45-70.
    He thought the 45-70 ammo was a bit pricey.
    Thanks, George M.
  5. not sure what your def'n of 'revered' is, but glocks are known for being rock solid reliable, so might want to check out other 'smiths.

    glock 34 is the most used gun, by far, in idpa and uspsa production divisions, that should tell you something. g17 is #2.

    if you want to do competitions, find you another g34. for carry the g17 is a little smaller, and the g19 is a little smaller than the g17.
  6. Thanks. George M.

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