Glock frame styles, or "What generation is my Glock?"

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by DJ Niner, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Work in progress -- this is a first attempt at updating Butch's famous "Glock frame generations" image.


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  2. Dont forget Gen 2.5

  3. DJ Niner


    Yeah, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that one. Technically, the smooth-groove fingergroove frames came BEFORE the checkered-groove frames, which would make them the "normal" Gen3 frame and the slightly modified (and now far more common) checkered-groove frames the Gen3.5. However, that's not how most folks refer to them, and the smooth-groove frames aren't very common, so the issue probably won't come up very often.

    If they use the photo above to try to I.D. one, I'm guessing they will (correctly) assume that it is a third-generation frame of some sort, and that will be enough for most folks. I think I know a friend-of-a-friend who owns a smooth-groove subcompact, and I may just cover the 2.5/3.5 issue when I add some photos of the subcompact variations later on down the road. The subject might be easier to address with the subcompacts, as they don't have as many variations as the full-size guns.

    Thanks for the input!
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    Nice job putting this together. Should help people out.
  5. cool pic, great reference!
  6. I have 2.5Gen 10mm/45acp frame made in Austria and a low G2XXX digit Serial number. IIRC made for German market.

    You talkin about rare :tongueout:
  7. DJ Niner


  8. dbrnn6

    I traded my g26 for a gen2 glock 19 because
    the grip was to small I added a grip extention which pretty much turned it into a g19 anyway.but the other person wanted the 26.
    not realizing the 19 was so much older I made the trade.. is there a $ value difference between these two ?? Were there any problems with the gen2 g19 the need to be taken care of? Or is the difference only with the grip?
    The serial # is a BWN which I could not find any info about..I emailed glock to find out more info about it. Ive seen a few members were also looking for info about sn with BWN*** have any of you found any info yet?
  9. I don't believe your 26 for 19 swap was a bad one especially if the 26 was too small for your hands. Many shooters (myself included) like the older Gen 2 guns and your 19 (BWN-prefix) appears to be mfg around April 1996.
  10. dbrnn6

    Thanks smithie.may I ask , where did you find the info on my sn ?
    This is the closest I could find. It was here on GT

    BW**** G-19 2.0 1988-10-01

    Now i dont know if the N on my BWN is of any significance and id like to read your referance..
    My main concern is to make sure there wasnt any recalls that werent addressed prior to me owning it.
    I did email glock and im waiting for a response
  11. dbrnn6

    BW**** G-19 2.0 1988-10-01

    Pardon my annoyance smithie but I looked over that thread twice and could not find what you are reffering to.. this is the closest I could find to my BWN###.
    And it is years apart from what you found
  12. If it is the 2 letter prefix it is 1988, 3 letter 1996. The April '96 approx is assuming you have a 3-letter prefix (BWN), not a 2 (BW).
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  13. dbrnn6

    Yes its the 3 letter BWN thanks for your help.
  14. How does this apply to Glock 26 & 27?

    I have a 27 with plain front strap serial CMS***US.
  15. dbrnn6


    From what ive learned here. Yours is a gen3 glock 27 made in 2000
  16. Thanks, that sounds like about the time I bought.
  17. hey thanks for the reference
  18. So I believe the G30s I have is a Gen 3.

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