Glock Factory Suppressor?

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by prism, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. prism

    prism more ammo

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  3. Never seen of. Heard of. Or would see a reason other than using it for illegal activities. Good for 15-20 rounds?

  4. You have to remember many other countries don't have the same views about suppressors as we do. They are seen as a polite way to not disturb anyone. In some countries you can buy a suppressor in a hardware store. I plan on getting several, but hate paying the $200 and doing all the paperwork. I don't have any desire to be a hitman. I just want to shoot in my backyard without the neighbors complaining.
  5. Same here.

    :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes:

    How about home/hearing protection?????????

    You must be from Commiefornia. :supergrin:
  6. pretty neat little thing. I would probably go for spending a little more for one that lasts a while longer though

  7. Let me iterate that I do not in any way have a bleak outlook on silencers if I could own one in my hippie state I probably would. However, a disposable silencer that's good for 15 rounds? I dont know.
  8. I would love to own a suppressor but thanks to Ma state laws I can't. They have gotten a bad rap from hollywood which makes them out to be the ultimate weapon silencer. Throw a can on any type of gun and it just makes a psst sound.
  9. Glock 17L

    Glock 17L *GLOCKAHOLIC*

    I saw the same unit here on the forum a while back..
    But if I pay $200 tax stamp + the price of the Can I want it to last forever, not 15 rounds..
  10. Heck yes. Since we have to pay the $200 tax stamp a throw away suppressor would be ridiculous.
  11. Front Sight

    Front Sight Front Sight

    Don't all law enforcement agency's have them?
  12. Nope.
  13. r2kba

    r2kba Relax

    Very cool. I bet it uses wipes and is inaccurate as hell. BUT it's still a neat idea that'll never come to the USA. Not allowed to import suppressors.
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  14. Fireman1291

    Fireman1291 Firefighter/EMT

    Beat me to it:wavey:

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