Glock customer service 2nd to none!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 270win, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. 270win

    I took a Glock 21 I bought cheap to Glock in Smyrna today. It's a 2nd gen and it came with a "New York" (8lb pull) trigger and a 10 round mag. Being a 2nd gen there was no rail for mounting a tactical light.

    I called last week to ask what could be done to the pistol so that it would serve my purposes and was told to bring it in.

    I arrived at Glock at about 11am and waited 45 minutes for the armorer to do the work on my gun. What I got back was my old 21 with a new frame (now has rail) and all new internals including an extended slide release. He also replaced the trigger group with a new 5.5lb trigger group. All the internals in the slide were removed, cleaned and replaced with brand new parts. While they were at it they asked if I wanted night sights for $57 installed...I did. And they even replaced the 10 round mag with a 13 round mag!

    They only charged me $100 for everything plus the $57 for the sights.

    To say that Glock impressed me is an understatement! I'm a customer for life and plan on adding several more to my arsenal.

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  3. Glk30

    Preaching to the choir... :supergrin:

  4. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    Kudos to Glock, Inc. customer service and thanks for posting your story. Good grief, 270win, don't wait another four years for your next post. Post more often! :)
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  5. WOOOOOHOOOO go Glock!!!!
  6. TSAX


    Thats great to hear, if I remember right there was a guy on here who shot over 100k in rounds through his G34 and they replaced his gun. Glock does have good customer service.

  7. One reason why they are the industry leader. Cheers.
  8. That's amazing service (I wish I lived near Smyrna).

    Sadly, I've contacted them twice trying to get a copy of the owners manual for my Gen 3 G22 (didn't have one with it)... haven't received one yet. Would love to have them do a general check and clean on it as well.
  9. Took an old 17 in along with non-dropfree mags. They rebuilt the 17 with all new parts and traded out the old mags for new ones.

    Same trip I took a Gen 2 23 and they said the frame was bad and needed to be replaced and I had to leave it there.
    They told me it would take 2 weeks and 2 weeks from the day, Fed-X delivered it to my home. Now has a Gen.3 frame.

    All above at no cost to me.
  10. You should have sold your gun in Massachusetts (pre-ban up here) for $599 and bought a new G21SF or Gen4.
  11. They swapped out my G21sf w/ ambi mag release (stuck upon release of full magazine) for a brand new G21sf with night sights AND THREE mags. No charge.

    Absolutely superb service.
  12. SDR


    Question, does your new frame have your old serial number? What days/hours are they open?

    Damn, that is great customer service!
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  13. After reading this I decided to contact them about replacing the frame on my Gen2 17 for a railed one. They picked up on the first ring, transferred me to Tech Support who answered 3 seconds later and told me to mail it in with a hundred bucks.

    I asked if the serial numbers would match and he said the frame would have a different serial.

    I cannot express how awesome their phone service is!

    Once the hubbub dies down they've earned my business on at least three more pistols.
  14. I'm trying to decide about sending in a 21SF with ambi mag release that I recently purchased. I would usually avoid that model but got a decent deal of 436 OTD. (TEMPTED again and had a weak moment). LOL
  15. Call Ford - tell them you have a 64 Mustang and see if they will swap it our for a new one.

    On second thought - I would rather have the 1964 over a 2013.

  16. From what I've read, if you go in there personally, they take care of you. If you call them, good luck.
  17. I wish I felt the same way. Today, I bought a new Glock 19 Gen 4. The dealer said that Glock is only supplying one magazine because of how everything is in such short supply. When I got home with the gun I called Glock to see if this was true. They confirmed that it wasn't. I freely admit that I should have confirmed this before completing the purchase and this is really my problem and not theirs, but it sure would have felt good if they would have offered to help by providing a magazine or two or offering to sell me them at some sort of discount. Unfortunately, they just said that they were sorry to hear that this happened and I shouldn't do business with the same store again. Again, I'm not saying that this was their problem, but it sure would have felt good if they could have helped me out in some way. Oh well. I need to find a new firearms store.
  18. Glk30

    I'd at least go back to the store and explain that you talked to Glock and see what they say. I wouldn't be happy until they gave two more mags. Then I would walk out and tell everyone I know to avoid them at all cost. :steamed:
  19. Look at the GlockBox...doesn't the label indicate how many mags are included with the gun? The box my Gen 3 G19 came in says "2 15RD"...and lo and behold, that's what was in the box...
  20. this...mine do...

  21. My gen 4 19 says 3 15rd. Helps if you do some research before you purchase so you know exactly what you are supposed to get. After all, it's not like buying a hammer.

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