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  1. This is an FYI post for any here who might be looking for a Gen4 compensated, and had the same question as I for Glock.

    About four months ago I asked Glock through their online messaging:

    Question Subject: Glock 32c Gen 4
    Question Message: I am looking for the 32c Gen 4. The 32 standard is available, so where is the 32c??? Has it not been released?

    Just trying to find one to purchase!

    If not now available, is there a time-frame for release?

    Just today, I finally received the answer from Glock:

    There are no plans to produce the compensated models in Gen4.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Of course, I am not sure if that answer is just for the 32c, or for all compensated models. Matters not to me, because I did buy a Gen3 32c shortly after I sent the inquiry!

    So, maybe this info can can keep some of you from wasting time "searching" for a "Gen 4" compensated Glock too.

    Yes, the Gen3 is great anyway, and I already have a KKM 9mm conversion, for versatility.

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  2. GLOCK has said a few times in the past (not too officially) that they don't plan to make Gen4 "C" models. The reason for this is likely just due to sales. While it would be nice to have a few "C" models in the Gen4 platform (all of my GLOCKs are Gen4s), it's not something that I am too concerned with. Thanks for posting the info.

  3. Thanks for the info
  4. Ryobi

    Ryobi SummertimeRules

    No plans for them. Not new news. Less than 1% of sales was why. Mozt shooters don't shoot at a level to feel the difference anyhow.
  5. FL Airedale

    FL Airedale Dog Breath

    I like my Gen 3 G23C but I don't know if the compensator makes much difference. I've never fired another G23.
  6. Thanks for the official reflects what I thought was the case. I believe it reflects good common sense.

    The compensated models (except the G18C) seemed never to have any real justification, except marginally for sporting purposes. Nonetheless, sometimes the C models wound up in serious service use. I know a former very small town policeman whose department allowed great leeway in an officer's selection of service weapon. Like most policemen, he had no great handgun experience or knowledge. He selected a Gen 3 G21C as his service weapon!!! That speaks very very badly of the technical competence of that department's weapons policymakers. The G21 is excellent as a service weapon, but the G21C turns that to trash with the increased flash and...more importantly...the tremendous back blast that would hit the officer's un-protected ears. He found that out after weapons purchase!
  7. Ryobi

    Ryobi SummertimeRules

    Wrong. Totally fabricated. They are just as suitable for duty and don't have any more perceptible flash, or noise, or risk when firing I close quarters, than non ported models with conventional ammo. Post about something you know about.
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  8. I carried a C model Glock on duty for a while and qualified with it. Nothing could be further from the truth about the policymakers. They work and you can shoot them without burning your eyebrows or destroying your eardrums. It is called hearing protection and actually shooting one vs. internet dis-hype and speculation.

    Take +P+ ammo and shoot it in a comp model vs. regular model and see the difference even in a 9mm.

  9. well said...i also carried a C model on duty (G22C) and it made a significant difference for faster follow-up shots during qualifications....Mike-M, you are misinformed :whistling:
  10. still wondering why they're calling ported guns "compensated".
  11. I wonder if "ported" and "compensated" translate well or not into German.
  12. :dunno:
  13. I might consider a G41C just for fun. I shot a G22C for a while and I liked it. Not a great deal of difference but still fun.
  14. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Old news. The reason they were discontinued was because of low sales volume (less than 1% of overall sales). Most shooters don't shoot at a level to benefit from porting anyway. The gen 4 RSA doesn't come close to making a non-c model shoot like a c. But that ship has almost sailed.
  15. I did not know someone has to be a pro shooter to shoot ported guns until this thread. I learn something here every day.
  16. Did you miss the post pointing to the blog showing a Gen4 "C" model?


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