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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by glockowner, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Will there be glock units available at this coming gun show?

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  3. I guess dami nga available now mostly G17,19 Glock USA

  4. meron na ba uli distributor ang glock sa pinas?
  5. Trust trade is still the distributor
  6. wait sa gunshow bro baka mag labasan ung stocks nila.
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  7. I hope Trust trade will release the new 4th gen. Fingers crossed.
  8. from what I heard 3rd gen pa rin till end of the year and hopefully the 4th gen will be brought in by Dec or Jan next year
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  10. parang sold out na naman daw yung glocks USA.
  11. All Glocks have Tennifer finish regardless of origin. All my Glocks here are tennifer finished.
  12. DCI-Cebu is importing Glocks from the US and would probably arrive last week of July or 1st week of August the latest.

    It would be models in 9x19 , .40 , .45 and ,.357sig.

    For details, PM me.

    Reservations is ok but we will only be getting downpayment to confirm your reservations once we get the serial numbers and assign you one. Downpayment can be in form of check payable to the gun store or thru direct deposit to the BDO bank account of DCI.

    Default claiming stations would be Cebu(store) and Manila(Liaison officer) but other places can be done thru airport to airport.

    Requirements needed would be the usual quick requirements stuffs(pictures and form).
  13. sir, im interested with your glock usa.please let me know when the unit are cp # is 09071461146.thanks:upeyes:

    MAJINKONG Sr. Member

    Pa PM sir how much ang G17 4th Gen. Tnx
  15. interested.. pwede pa.PM :)
  16. PM already sent! :wavey:

  17. I had a bad experience sa Hahn few years ago, buyers beware!
  18. Bro pm naman price glock 26,location in cebu and contact number im interested thanks
  19. Sir, yung .357 cal na Glock ay 3rd gen yun? Nag dedeliver ho kayo sa Davao City? Kailan darating ang Glock .357 caliber ho. Thanks.
  20. mv1


    So there is now a consistent reliable source of Glocks? I'm moving back in October and just want to know what my options are.
  21. babyGASTON

    babyGASTON baby member

    sir, what does DCI stands for (sorry)? where is it located at? im from cebu and i own a glock 30.

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