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Glock armorer in central PA. ?

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Glockers Club' started by GotDogs, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. GotDogs


    Nov 12, 2006
    Lancaster, PA.
    Hi all, anyone know of a Good Glock armorer in central Pa. ? :wavey:
  2. Glock_23_PI


    Aug 2, 2005
    Central PA
    There's a Montgomery Police officer but i cant remember his name

  3. GotDogs,

    Do you have a specific problem or is this for future reference?

    These pistols are pretty simple to detail strip.

    DG (we gotdogs too)
  4. GotDogs


    Nov 12, 2006
    Lancaster, PA.
    Hi, It is more for future reference down the road I would like to have some nite sights installed.
    What kind of dogs? We have (2) Rufus- the coon hound and Wingnut the Austrailian cattle dog.

  5. We have three.

    A pointer mix (Peanut)of some kind (the term mutt comes to mind)
    She's 16 with some kind of cancer which is slowly limiting her ability to walk without falling. We pick her up a lot.
    She doesn't seem to be in any pain and eats well so it's not time yet. She is a rescue from some neighbors who neglected and abused her. Ten tears ago she had a litter of 8 puppies that my wife found under a shed a few doors away. We kept them in our garage till they were old enough to find homes for. We kept her from that point on.

    The other two(Samuel and Tucker) are Silky terriorists. One is about 4 and the other is 6. these two have totally different personalities. These two were taken from people that couldn't or didn't want to care for them anymore.

    Dogs are great. Well then there are also the 3 cats(1 rescue, 1 adopted and 1 actually wanted as a kitten which is now a 22lb 15 yr old kitten) and 2 ferrets (rescue)

    If I died tomorrow, there would be 3 more dogs to take my place :)

    Back on track. Go to the Pafoa site (Pa firearms owners assoc.) and ask about the armorer there. Lots of good people and a very active site.

    I would be 27hand there.

    Gotta go