Glock 42 Night Sights

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  1. Does anybody have the Ameriglo night sights for their glock 42? Seems to be the only 3 dot tritium sights out right now for the 42.

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  2. I have yet to see any night sights so far. I haven't seen any G42's with factory Glock NS come in either.

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    I talked to Glock and was told no OEM G42 nights sights are available. The only G42 nights that I have actually seen available are from XS. They have them in stock and ready to ship.
  4. I believe the front sight is the same as other Glocks.

    Part # GLNF17G24
    Ebay seller: ndzperformance

    [ame=""]Glock 42 - How to install front Tritium Night Sight - YouTube[/ame]
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  5. On another video from the guys channel above, he says this:

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  6. I know Blue Label Glocks are sold with fixed or NS. Just no civilian Glocks.
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    Glock 770-432-1202 for current information. Things change.

    I have seen 3 videos on YouTube from people that have made night sights fit the G42 that were designed for other models. Front sight goes on with no modification. The rear sights all require a great deal of metal to be removed from the bottom and especially the sides. Two of them destroyed the glass vials by over heating the sights when using a grinder. None had actually fired the G42 with the modified sights, so no reports if the heights are correct for the .380 G42. I have ordered XS Big Dot Sights for mine. I have them on my G27 and believe them to be one of the best defensive sights on the market.
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    Glock originally had a part number for G42's with ns (UI42507). They later reached out to distributers and discontinued the part number and said that it will not be offered with ns. There is no LE version that comes stock with ns.
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    That has been reported and verified in previous post. Height and width are different for the rear sight. Glock currently does not have a rear night sight for the G42. Several sight makers are now showing night sight sets for the G42; trick is finding them in stock. I have a set of BiG Dots from XS. Have not got around to installing them yet, they arrived yesterday. After I do the install I will post photos.
  11. Give them a couple months. You will then have your choice of NS for the G42. I am waiting on FO's to come out.
  12. Ordered a set of 3 dot ameriglo classics. Should be here this afternoon. Now for installation....I dont know if my lgs has an adapter to use a sight tool and I dont want to do the hammer/punch method.

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  13. Any word on GLOCK coming out with a factory G42 night sight set?

    I was at the Gunny Challenge earlier this year, and they used G42s with Ameriglo sights on them.
  14. I have the HD night sights on my 42, it was only $100.00

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