Glock 36 won't go into battery

Discussion in 'GATE Info & Announcements' started by thunderhawk, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. When I reassemble my 36 the slide goes on and when I pull it back all the way to the rear it slide won't stop where it should but slides forward about 1/4 inch off front of the lower frame. and the barel is canted upwards and not in battey. I think it may be a guide rod problem but no matter what I have tried I can not get it to go back together properly. I am hoping that someone out there can help.

    I would add a picture but I don't know how

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  3. Did you strip the pistol farther than removing the slide?

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  4. if you removed the disassembly bar, it might be back wards.
  5. Hi and thanks for the replies. I just removed the slide to install night sights and didn't touch anything else. I went to put it back together and had the recoil spring guide in backwards so it didn't go back together. I realized my mistake and reversed it and since then it wouldn't go back together. The slide goes on and when Ipull it back on the frame I can hear a click but then the slide goes about 1/4 inch too far forward and the barrel will not go into it's seat on the slide.
  6. I think I have it figured out in case anyone else has this problem it seems to be that the plastic recoil assembly is not straight. I believe it is catching on something inside the frame when I try to reassemble it. I have ordered a new steel guide rod and I think that should fix the problem.
  7. Sounds like user error, not a gun problem.
  8. were the sights for the 36? take the front sight out and try if it works, if it does you have the wrong sight, the 36 uses a different front sight screw.
  9. I believe I have the problem solved. I talked to Meprolight and they said that the this has occurred before and the problem is that some of the slides didn't have the final milling operation on the slide and therefore the sight screw is a bit too large and actually pushes down on the barrel preventing it from going into battery. He said the only ways to fix it is to take a little bit off the head of the screw or mill a small area inside the slide where the screw goes. I think we are talking about only a couple thousants of an inch. So I touched the head of the screw to my buffing wheel with 320 grit and Presto!!
    It now fits and goes into battery perfectly.
    Thanks for for all the suggestions, you guys really did help me solve this. I have never seen or heard of this problem before but I guess it is out there and affects an unknown number of guns.
  10. Why didn't you mention you just installed sights? It would have taken 2 seconds for someone to tell you that your front sight screw is probably too long...
  11. Sorry, my error. I never thought that could be the problem since the sights were for that model gun and they went in with absolutely no problem and I have installed the same brand on my other glock with no problem. I never thought that could be the problem - I thought that something had gone haywire with the gun.
  12. :wow: He did in his follow-up 2nd post.

    Thunderhawk, welcome to the forum, glad you have thick skin!
  13. That is exactly what I was referring to. He should have said it in his FIRST post.

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