Glock 36 gen 4

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by GUNxSHOW, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. I recently purchased a glock 36 gen 4 the other day and dident realize till I got home that I might of come across a low serial number glock. Basically I was wondering if the glock is worth any more than normal with a serial number TWG00x.

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  3. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    Does it say Gen 4 on the slide? I do not think there is a Gen 4 of the G36 out yet (if they are coming up with one). As far as the low serial number, there is always a few when they start a new letter series. It may be desirable to some but I would not think too much about it. :cool:

  4. This would be very desirable because none have been released... Pics or it didn't happen!
  5. I like to see the pics too. :yawn:
  6. I'm calling BS on this one ... :whistling:
  7. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    You guys are too hard on a 'newbie'. I bet it was an assumption on the OP's part that his newly bought G36 is a Gen4 since:
    a) the gun is of recent manufacture
    b) new/current serial letter series
    c) Gen4 is GLOCK's latest/current model line

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  8. Saw someone on my local gun trader site post a gen 4 g36 forsale as well... no pics of either... hmmm
  9. Hm. Intetesting. Just discussed with someone recently when the g36 gen 4 was coming out.

    Pics and range report please!

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