Glock 34 loads for ipsc

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by spadguy, May 29, 2010.

  1. Hello to all. i am looking for a good load for my G-34 shooting 147gr precision delta fmj. i dont really need to make major with it as i also shoot a G-35 along side of it. any reload info will help since ive only found general info on some loads. Also will this same load be as good on steel matches. thanks and any info will help.

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  3. Checking Enos is good advice.

    Personally I load for my G17 and father in laws G34

    147 Berry's Plated
    3.2 Hogdon Titegroup
    Mixed brass

    I get PF's in the 127-133. I think my mixed range pickup brass might have something to do with the PF varying (besides the barrel length difference). It's amazing to me how much 9mm brass varies in length.

    Give it a shot. It's the low end per Lymans 49th. Shoots soft and clean.

  4. thanks so much for the info. ill try it out as well as a couple of others. thanks again
  5. with my G17 i shoot the following

    Dardas Cast Lead 125 grain bullets ( i run a LW barrel).
    5.0 grains of Power pistol
    CCI 500 primer (small pistol)

    its powerful enough to knock steel over consistently.
    i forget what it chrono'd at.

  6. I send the same bullet downrange with 3.2gr Titegroup and 1.130 oal, this load averages 880fps out of my G34 LWB.

    Anywhere between 3.2-3.4gr Titegroup should be perfect for this bullet and the gun games.
  7. I used 3.2gr of Titegroup when I was using Precision Delta 147's.

    Now I'm using 3.3gr Solo1000 with Black Bullet International's 147's, and saving about $20/1000 buying them 3000 at a time.

    This was in a Glock 34.
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  8. 4.9 Bullseye, running a 115 grain plated bullet. She'll make minor in any weather, clime, or place (I run full SAAMI max on all my loads)

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