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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by billy b, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. I reported that I had accuracy issues with my early gen 3 2 pin 34. would not shoot under 3" groups at 20 yards & was getting bad flyers .today I shot 34 upper on my gen 3 17 lower. world of difference. groups now run 2 to 2 1/2 at 20 yards & no flyers. I took locking block out of frame & checked it over. frame pin is not loose in frame or in locking block. should I just go ahead & get a new locking block & pin, it is $26.99 at midway. is there something else I should look at on frame ? I still think this gun was not shot much for its age. locking block had # 5 on it. thanks for any input.

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  3. You could swap the G17/G34 locking blocks and see if one improves and one gets worse.

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    I had similar issues with a G-23 once. It turned out that the slide lock had been installed facing the wrong way. There is a lip on one side that the barrel lug hooks into upon lockup. If the slide lock is backwards, the barrel will not have a consistent lockup when in battery and accuracy will suffer greatly. When you swapped receivers, you eliminated this as a possible problem. Hope this helps.
  5. No to hijack this thread, but what do you consider acceptable accuracy from a Glock out of the box? My new G36 is decidedly underwhelming in accuracy. In the photo's, the larger group is 6 rds from my G36 at 10yards, and the small group is 6 rds from my 1911 at 10 yards. I look forward to any suggestions you would care to offer.



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  6. alazgr8, An excellent Glock shooter can shoot your 1911 group at 10 yards.
  7. I'd be curious what the result of putting the 17 locking block into the 34 frame would be? I owned a 34 that was my least accurate Glock by far. If you do the test let us know.
  8. I can"t put the 17 locking block in the 34. the 34 is an older gen 3 with a 2 pin frame. everything I took out of 34 looks new, no wear on any part except slide lock. I plan on getting a new slide lock & spring, the spring seemed weak.. at this time I do not plan on getting a new locking block. I may get a new trigger pin that goes through locking block. I'm glad I didn"t get a new barrel like I was thinking of doing. by the way, someone had suggested checking slide lock to see if it was in backwards, it wasn"t. part of the fun to me when I get a different gun, is trying to get the best accuracy out of it that I can get. I DO NOT do this to my home defense guns or my carry guns. I leave them 100% stock & carry factory ammo in them.
  9. Excellent idea, he can also swap frames and barrels from the G34 to the G17.

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