Glock 30SF Hornady XTP 200gr accuracy load.

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  1. Hello All,

    I broke down yesterday and bought a 45ACP die and loaded up some Hornady 200gr XTP's using Federal primers, and Bullseye. The starting load (5.0g) was very comfortable giving very little recoil but not super accurate. I found that 5.2g put the rounds literally in the same hole (I was very impressed). I also loaded up many rounds using 5.4g which the book documented at 850 in a 5inch 1911. This load was pretty accurate and did well, but not as accurate as the 5.2g. All rounds were fired from 5-25 yards. Any one looked for a super accurate range load for their Glock 30 should absolutely try 5.2g of bullseye.

    This was my first time shooting my own loads, and I gotta say I'm hooked. Pretty cool how you can load down for the range, and find that perfect accuracy load! :D

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  2. Loading...

  3. What was your C.O.L.?

  4. I find the XTP on of the most accurate bullet out there. It's not a bad choice for SD loads either. WST is my powder choice, on good days, I can keep my little OM right @ 1" for 5 @ 15yds w/ any of the XTP wts.
  5. col = 1.230"
  6. A lot of people seem to like the WST and Unique. I'm going to buy one of each next time I run across the powders.
  7. I like Bullseye or Clays for target loads and Universal or Power Pistol for heavier loads. The nice thing about Clays and Universal is you can also use them for shotshell loading.
  8. If I'm going to load up defensive bullets like the XTP in a 45, I'm going to load a little closer to max. With BE, I've used 5.6 gr under the 200 XTP at 1.23 OAL (just for comparison Lyman shows a max of 5.7 at 1.178 OAL). Not my favorite load, but it was plenty accurate for SD distances out of my G30. No chrono data, though.
  9. I would NOT choose BE for a SD load. Running uberfast powders near max is always dicey. Keep in mind, pressures are NOT linear. So a bullet setback, from say rechambering, is going to push pressure quite high. If you absolutely must load your own SD rounds, I do not recommend that, then go w/ one of the med burn VV powders.
    FWIW, you can buy Fiocci 200grXTP in 50rd boxes for a little more than the Hornady 25rd boxes. Just a thought.
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  10. Hornady's manual also states 5.7gr as max load for Bullseye (900 fps in 5 inch 1911). If I were going for speed I would use another powder since that velocity can be achieved with other powders in the manual while not pushing max. If you wanted to push max in some of the other powders you can get 1050fps with the 200gr XTP.
  11. Zombie Steve

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    I've had great results out of my G30 with that bullet and either Unique or WSF.

  12. I have not issue with Fred's comment about BE. What I was saying is that if I had XTPs being reloaded for defensive purposes in a 45 acp I would jack up the load (even with BE). There are better powders for that purpose, but if that was all I had for loading 45 acp, I would increase the charge (I'm not recommending that the OP do that). If the XTPs were chosen for paper punching only for some reason, then, "whatever floats your boat."
  13. I've just been punching paper with them, and that is all I have intended to use them for. I like this particular bullet, and well at $25 bucks or so per 100 I can afford to shoot about as much of them as I want. Honestly even at a modest 850fps if for some crazy reason I had to use them I'm more than positive COM hits are going to drop a bad guy. It's a 45, and no matter what it's going to leave a nice 45 size hole. I think us gun guys and gals sometimes spend a little to much time getting overly concerned about absolutely nothing. I agree with the concern for bullet seat back if used as a self defense cartridge, however that should be a consideration with ANY factory load or hand load with any powder. Rotating rounds rather than continuously rechambering a round helps prevent any issues.

    For conceal carry/home defense I use 230gr Golden Sabre's at standard preasure. If you read my oringal post I made no comment about self defense, but rather my findings at the range using Bullseye powder. Appreciate all the feedback, but don't forget to read the orginal post ;)
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  14. Thanks PR, because you were using XTP, I just assumed the purpose. You know what they say about assuming....
  15. No problem, the assumption is logical. :)

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