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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by pennypooguns, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Hi:
    I have been told there is a new Glock. Model 30S which is a Model 30 with a Model 36 barrel and slide ?
    Does anyone have one?
    Opinions ?

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  3. Yes it was just announced not available as of yet but there are some on here that have done this. They have both a 26 and 30 and have made the switch. Shouldn't be an issue since the 45 ACP isn't a high pressure cartridge. The slide is slimmer on the 30s or a 30 with 36 slide.

  4. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    I do not expect to see any available until April.
  5. I need to get one of these. I currently looked at the G30 Gen3 and loved it, $650 out the door. I'm sure the 30s might be a bit more expensive.
  6. AK47Man

    AK47Man Expert Marksman

    The indoor range and gun shop I go to just got some in...Comes with two mags...$589.00..
  7. Went to a local dealer today (1/26/13). He had 2 for the same price as regular G30's in his shop. His prices are hard to beat in this area... $519 for the G30S.

    A customer walked in & traded for one of them. I looked at the other one for a while, but could not bring myself to trade my almost-new G30SF for it.
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  8. I saw one in the gun shop today! I really would like to shoot one though to see how the recoil feels first... I'm not a big fan of my G27 honestly (too snappy) but .45 has that longer push so it may be alright.
  9. HGxyz

    For me, the G30sf shoots much softer than the G27 (I have both). I expect the G30s, with its lighter slide, will be in between, but much closer to the G30sf.
  10. vmann

    vmann Controller

    i am buying the first one i see
  11. Could you say where in Mo? I am in Missouri and am intrested. Shops in my area do not have any.
  12. Glock should have just released them in Gen4
  13. I just fondled one earlier today. I think I am gonna buy it it the morning
  14. So what's wrong with the SF since everyone is talking about and seems to want the 30S?
  15. G30s is a hybrid (G30sf frame with 36 slide). It is lighter, and the slide is thinner than G30sf

    [ame=""]Glock 30s - SHOT Show 2013 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]SHOT Show 2013 - Glock, Glock 30S - YouTube[/ame]
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  16. what a lame new model from glock.

    some of you are like sheep.
  17. I picked one up over a week ago. Hasn't left my side wife. I LOVE IT!
  18. Why do you say that? I don't own a G30 yet. The Gen4 looks like my next Glock
  19. My LGS got in a few of them already.
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  20. [ame][/ame]

    I've been looking at an XDs. I'm gonna wait till I can shoot the 30s.
  21. Like James Dean I don't own a GLOCK 30 either...I would prefer the G30SF To the G30 because of the slightly shorter frame (front to back)...I think I would prefer the Gen4 G30 because of the 3rd magazine, larger mag release and I like the frame pattern...I may even prefer the G30S best because of the slimmer slide (if it doesn't add to recoil much) but might wait for a Gen4 version if GLOCK builds it...

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