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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Lt8523, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Lt8523

    Hello all
    My first post on this site.

    I have been shooting and gun smithing for a while now and recently my eye has caught the 460 rowland

    I own a lot of glocks because I can get them at le price so I figured I would add to my list and buy the 30

    I must say I love this gun, I purchased a storm lake stainless threaded barrel and chucked it up and took it to the 460 depth checked with the gauges and the mic. I purchased a tri delta muzzle brake and a 21 pound dual recoil spring and put it all together. I test fired the glock and noticed on the primer there's a good strike but also a slash per say under the strike. No signs of headspace issues and other than the dings from ejecting it looked good. I field stripped it and noticed that wear marks were showing and on the breach face it almost looked like a round copper color. I noticed the muzzle brake was a little to far back so I moved it up a little and shot again. The primer marks are not as bad but the brass is getting thrown out quite a ways.

    Are these marks normal for this conversion?
    I'm guessing the wear marks were due to the muzzle brake not being properly adjusted?

    Anyone else have these issues?
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  3. Lt8523

    After further research I'm finding that the swipe mark is due to either the recoil spring or firing pin spring not strong enough and the burn marks on the breach could be from regular 45acp rounds ?

  4. Big1

    Welcome from Washington, any pics?
  5. Lt8523


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  6. Lt8523

    Burn marks this is after I scrubbed it. I just didn't expect that mark after 8 rounds before I scrubbed it looked very orange / copper color

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