Glock 30 ?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by rebs, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. rebs

    I am looking at buying a Glock 30 in 45 acp. Can you guys that own one tell me the pro's and con's of this model ?

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  3. I owned both but sold the G30 because it was to fat. I just got a G30sf and so far I really like it.

  4. It is about the same size as the G19 but it is somewhat thick. I think the G26 is a bit easier to conceal but some suggest the G30 is one of Glock's most accurate offerings.
  5. I've owned a regular and a SF and the thick slide is what keeps me from liking them. The grip is thick but it doesn't bother me. Overall the G30's are very reliable and accurate. I just find the thickness and the weight to much for a carry weapon.
  6. I find the G30 to be a tad too big for me so I prefer the feel of the G30SF. I find the SF model to be an extremely accurate and reliable pistol.
  7. I love my 30SF, its my EDC, I think its pretty easy to carry and conceal, I have no problems with the width of the slide or grip, its by far my Favorite glock, its very soft in recoil, cant go wrong with the G30 IMHO...
  8. The Glock 30SF is easy to conceal. That is, if you are man enough.
  9. This says it all, I love mine and carry it every day.
  10. Sold the G30. Too fat and heavy for me. I either carry my trusty G26, G36, or my S&W M&P340 if I'm super lazy.
  11. if the thick slide is all thats bothering you,then put a g36 slide on it.:dunno:
  12. if the thickness of the slide is all that bothers you,then put a g36 slide on it.
  13. I have a 30sf and find it just as easy to carry as my 19. As far as it's thickness goes - I don't know if there is another 10 +1 .45acp out there that's thinner and lighter? I could be wrong though as I hear this complaint often.
  14. rebs

    I have read about problems with the G36 thats why I ask about the G30. Have the problems with the G36 been resolved ? I'll go to the lgs and look at the G30sf and check out the G36 one more time.
  15. To be honest I haven't heard of a Glock 36 issue in a long time.

    I borrowed a G36 slide from a friend and it was a dream to shoot and carry. It's just a lot to invest in. I sold my G30 and I do not currently have a 45 but would gladly pick up a 30S if available.
  16. I have never owned one but I'm pretty sure the M&P and the XD in 45 are slimmer but by only a little bit.
  17. I own a 30SF and a 36, the 36 is what I carry, I have had no issues with it .
  18. No issues, I have two G30SF. G27, G36 and two G23.
  19. I have both the G30SF and G30 Gen4. Love them both and the Gen4 seems a little smaller in the grip area. Get either one and you will be most pleased. The 30 is also very accurate.
  20. hps


    The G30 standard is my EDC, very accurate and the ultimate in reliablity.

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