Glock 30 opinions?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by crashguy131, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hi, new member to the forums. I currently own a Gen 4 22 and Gen 3 26. I am looking to buy a G30 and would like to know if any fellow members have a 30 and what their thoughts are. Thanks in advance.

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  3. Welcome to the forum, I have to say I love my G30SF, its my EDC weapon, it shoots great and is prob my favorite out of all my glocks... Id love to have the Gen4 30 just for the new grip texture... but you really cant go wrong with the G30 11 rounds of .45 on your side...

  4. Very versatile, soft shooting, accurate gun. It seems a higher than normal percentage of owners have had issues but get one broken in and working properly and you'll love it.

    P.S. Get some 13 round G21 mags for it while you still can.
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  5. HGxyz

    I love everything about the G30 but its size. It's a soft shooter and accurate. It conceals OK for me with the 9 round mag, but I prefer smaller guns. I do usually carry it in the winter when I (and others) wear heavier clothing.
  6. The Glock 30 is the ultimate concealed carry gun (along with the G29 10mm). They can conceal well either IWB or OWB with a good holster, are about the same size as a G19 ( admitting that they are a little thicker ), and give 10 rounds of .45 or 10mm goodness. What more could you want?
  7. mj9mm

    you heard it, now get one. they are excellent handguns. :cool:
  8. My G30SF is my EDC as well. Reliable, accurate and conceals well in a Kramer IWB holster. I have several standard 10 round and G21 13 round mags that I carry as well.
  9. Pierre!

    Pierre! NRA Life Member

    Just made the cut over to the G30 as the primary carry pistol.

    Size is just right, 11 rounds of .45 - What's not to like!

    My Kimber Ultra weighs MORE and only holds 7 rounds, so that G30 is 4 rounds more... and that is worth it to me.

    Happy Shopping! and...
    Merry Christmass!

  10. I just picked up my new 30 Gen 4 and I love it
  11. Excellent point, Patrick. I don't think enough people give consideration to capacity when choosing their EDC. You just made a 57% increase while reducing weight. Well done.
  12. Bruce M

    The G30 is my second favorite Glock for carrying after the G26.
  13. My 30SF has been great. Accurate, soft recoil, conceals decent. Only issue is loaded with 11 big ole 230 grain hollow points it gets heavy, of course firepower comes at a price. All in all if I could only have 1 handgun it'd most likely be the 30SF.
  14. RPVG

    G30 (non-SF) is my EDC. Conceals well under a T-shirt (I'm only 5'-10", 145 lbs). Way less recoil than I expected. High in protein and low in tars and nicotine.

    As fredtheredfrog sez, it's a tad heavy at first (I use 230gr JHP, too). But after you get used to it, the weight is just "reassuring".
  15. My primary CCW gun is the first gen G30. Love it and it conceals well. Put a +1 grip extension on the magazines for 10+1.
  16. robhic

    robhic WOLVERINE!!!!
    Platinum Member Gold Member

    I have a Gen3 G30sf (slim frame) that I got about 6 weeks ago. I like it. It is about the same size as my G19 in 9mm and has 10 round capacity which seems a bit unusual for a .45.

    Get it!!!! :supergrin:
  17. SF= Short Frame

    I find the grip on SF models superior, I carried a G30 for almost a decade till I switched over to the G29SF.
  18. Front Sight

    Front Sight Front Sight

    You can't go wrong with a G30. Be sure and get a good holster and a good belt. You may want a 9 round mag? It is a soft shooter, very accurate and excellent stopping power.
  19. crash_gsxr750

    crash_gsxr750 Arrows first

    G30 is my EDC during fall and winter and shares duty with my G19 during the other seasons, I feel very comfortable with 11 rounds of .45 or 16 rounds of 9 metric

    But don't discount the G29 either that's 11 rounds of potency in a tidy little package
  20. I have wanted to like the G30 but I find it way to fat, not necessarily the grip but the slide. I gave tried twice to get into it but it's just too top heavy. Truthfully it's not much wider overall than most Sigs or other brands but it just feels weird to be a Glock.
    Performance was great it's heavy enough that recoil is mild. I would say the recoil is about like a G17, I'm serious. I never experienced a malfunction with a G30.
  21. welcome aboard friend! gotta say the g30 is my favorite - with what you have already it makes the perfect addition for caliber and size

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