glock 30,30sf accuracy vs. 30s

Discussion in 'Test-Posts Here' started by Glockumollie, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. BADOS

    Waiting impatiently for my Glock 30S. Ordered it about a month ago or less.

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  2. can you or anyone tell me a good price for the block 30s i,m looking to buy one

  3. MSR for a 30s is $637 per Blue Book of Gun Values
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  4. I am just trying to think of any realistic civilian situation where you could possibly need 2 pistols, 37 rounds of .45, and 45 rounds of 9mm carried on your person.....
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  5. I've been known to stick a glock on my ankle before, but I've never seen multiple spare magazines for a backup pistol before. Most of the time I have one spare for the one on my waist, and none for the one on the ankle (if there is one on the ankle).

    83 rounds of ammunition does seem like a bit of overkill, as well as a lot of extra weight to drag around.
  6. Bought a 30S at a gun show Sun.I paid $546.60 out the door.This is my first & only Glock.My reg.carry is a Kimber Pro carry with a S&W MODEL 351PD in my LF pocket, shot the Glock Mon.trigger takes a little getting used too.Thinking about getting the GLOCK rep at the gun show to drop in a new trigger.Wonder what opinions are on this?? I love my Kimber....the Glock is another tool to be disrespect intended to you Glock guys.....hope a mod doesn't ban me for this view!
  7. dwbG30SF

    dwbG30SF Member

    Jim, don't give up on the Glock trigger so quickly. Like you said, it does take some time to get use to. And in no way will it EVER feel like the trigger on your Kimber, as it shouldn't.

    Give it a chance, train with it and I assure you, it will grow on you. Could the factory Glock trigger be better? Yes, but it's still a very manageable trigger once you put some time in on it.

    I run mine right out of the box. The only upgrade I will do on a Glock is sights, period.

    Run some 230 grain Remington Golden Sabers in it, and watch how well she groups.

    You're going to love that G30S.
  8. IMHO you dun good! I have the 30sf & I shoot it as well as any 1911 I've ever fired. I'm sure Mas could out-shoot me with his eyes closed but I'm not sorry I chose the 30sf.
    When I purchased mine, the 30s was not in production yet & the G-36 had some reported issues. I also have the G-26 & with a Pearce +2 I get a better grip & my spare mag is the higher capacity one from the G-17 or G-19, I forget which, with the spacer that makes it fit like a factory mag. It's my EDC which I carry OWB.
    My goal is to own one of each model Glock except the .357 sig or 10mm. I have no interest in those calibers. But. if the price was right.......
  9. dwbG30SF

    dwbG30SF Member

    I have used Pearce Grip extensions in the past, but have moved away from them. If I'm going to get a better purchase on the grip of my sub compact Glocks, it might as well be with a full size magazine, right.

    Enter the X-Grip magazine sleeve. Now I run a G21 mag in my G30SF, and a G19 mag in my G26. Carry lower capacity mags in my pocket.

    The G26 can now be a G19, but the 19 can't be a 26.
    The G30SF can now be a 21, but the 21 can't be a 30.

    It makes so much sense, and works so well. Give these
    X-Grips a try, you will be glad you did.

  10. dwbG30SF

    dwbG30SF Member

    Like to give a shout out to "4 Corners Concealment" for making one of the best kydex holsters I've ever used. And the price was very reasonable, compared to others. Fit and finish is superb, with all edges being melted smooth. The biggest thing for me was the retention screws and the excellent belt clip for the IWB model. The clip is actually better than the clip on my Galco Triton. Check them out.

  11. dwb,
    Only thing i see wrong with your ideais,it would ruin my idea of carring iwb concealed!Carrying owb would be no problem....thanks for the info.
  12. dwbG30SF

    dwbG30SF Member

    You are right Jim, the G19 mag does make it a little more challenging to conceal. In the winter it's a none issue, but in the summer I opt to carry the 10 round flush mag and toss the G19 mag in my pocket. But that's the beauty of the G26, it can be both 26 and 19, basically.
    Don't worry so much about printing. Trust me it's on your mind more than anyone else's.

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