glock 30,30sf accuracy vs. 30s

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  1. Hi, Im a new b here and Im very clumsy and a dino. Thank God I do know more about firearms than computers. Hers my question. According to Mas Ayoob the glock 30 is capable of sub 1inch groups at 25 yards. One of the reasons he gave was possibly the shrot stiff stout barrel and slide. Another factor he said he has learned is the recoil springs. Well my question is if I buy the 30s with the slimmer slide and thinner barrel will I lose any of that outstanding accuracy in the 30, 30sf. I am very excited to get a glock in 45auto. I would like to get the 30s if, IF i will not lose any accuracy. does anyone know at this time if the 30s is as accurate or does it give up ANY accuracy. I'm so excited to get one of these pistols. I have a 26gen4 and it is extremely accurate also. I love it. However I have been a 1911 man for 30 years but I am convinced a Glock is more reliable. Now iv heard that the 30, 30sf can shoot a sub 1inch group at 25yards and I'm about to go over the wire for the Glock. If someone knows the answer to my question please let me know. Thanks MARK.

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  3. I'm looking to get the glock 30s over the xdm 45

  4. I recently traded my G30 for a G30s and I can say that the 30S does have a little more felt recoil due to it being almost 4 ounces lighter , but not to the point that it becomes uncomfortable , If you are good with your G26 you should be fine with the G30s. watch the Hickock .45 review of it on Youtube he shoots the crap out of it and compares every aspect of both guns.
  5. I couldn't wait any longer. today I called the best gun shop I know and they said they had a 30 and a 30s so a quick call to wifey and off I went. When I got there I found out they had a 30 and a 30sf not the slim slide 30s. Knowing that Mas Ayoob had verfied sub 1inch groups at 25yards and not knowing for sure 1.When a 30s would be in and 2. If my question about the slimmer slide and barrel would cost any accuracy I played it safe and went home with the 30sf, 1 extra 13round mag., a box of 20 +p185grain jhp and 50 rounds of 230 grain ball. I am elated. I finally own myself a Glock 30. WOW!, I'm so excited. I purchesed a Glock 26 gen4 about a month ago that I also love. I must say I feel like the cat that got the cannary. Couldn't wait to share with you all.
  6. I was hoping to get the 30s also but I first wanted to know if the thinner slide and barrel would steal any of the 30 accuracy. I think the 30s would be ideal if it doesn't give up any accuracy but until I know I went ahead and bought the 30sf. I know they shoot sub 1inch groups at 25yards and I'll live with that. Maybe someday after all the frurry dies down if I find out for sure that the 30s hasn"t given any accuracy I can always look for the slim slide and barrel and put it atop the sf frame. Just don't let my wife hear that cause iv'e about stretched her to the limit. She has been so cool but I'm going to have to part with some of my lesser toys to get back some money for her. I'm very happy to do it. You should be happy with any 30 you can get. They are very fine reliable, accurate pistols. Good shooting and good fortune. Mark
  7. The 30SF is easier to shoot accurately, you lucked in to a good choice. I've shot both side by side and the fat slide wins.
  8. My Glock 30 was the first Glock I've ever owned. Today own the 30, a 21, a 36 and a 17. I've probably got around 20,000 rounds through my 30 and it's never malfunctioned, still has the original barrel and spring and it shoots better than I do.

    I maintain my guns by stripping them and cleaning them when new before firing, and keeping a light coating of CLP on the friction areas and in the barrel. Keeps them operating smoothly and I believe the Teflon in the CLP adds a lot of longevity.

    Congrats on your new Glock! It will become one of your favorite firearms, I'm certain.
  9. what a good price for the glock 30s
  10. The good with the 30 is you can shoot 45 ACP, 10mm, 45 super and 460 Rowland
    With the 30S you can shoot 45 ACP.
    Enjoy your new 30SF!
  11. Jason D

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    Glock Pistols are what is known as combat accurate.
    Meaning 3-4 inches at 25 yards. While a 1" Glock would be extraordinary. I have never seen any Glock that could do much better than two.
  12. Sir, As I maintained in my original post the glock 30 is capable of sub 1inch groups at 25yards.I know you don't know me and it doesn't matter who I am if you will search this topic its very easy to find multiple sources that support my contention. The general jist is that the Sub compacts being at least the g30 and the g26 shoot tighter groups than their longer barrel counterparts. If you google glock30 accuracy at least on my computer at the top of the page the first post that appears is Glock 30 accuracy . under that post down on about the 3rd item you will find uncanny accuracy of g30,suggested explanation from mas ayoob, Feb. 2011. In this article mr Ayoob says he has seen sub 1inch groups from a g30 while only 1 1/4 for the g21. He also give a possible explanation as to why he thinks the subcompacts shoot smaller groups than their bigger brothers. He says he has always been able to shoot a little better with his g26 than the g19 also. As I searched the web I found this same story in slightly different form by many other people but the same general conclusion in all. The g30 and the g26 are very accurate guns, much more accurate than the standard that you have quoted of 3 to 4 inches and even sub 1 inch in a Multiple of cases. On the same page that I asked you to google under images for the glock30accuracy you may find a 5shot group of 200gr lswl at 25yrds 3/4inch. I understand the glocks are a very reliable gun but I think its clear that at least the g30 and the g26 are capable of extreme accuracy that by most standards would be considered Match Accuracy. I have both weapons and intend on conducting my own test in the near future. Of course I'm a nobody but I hope to at least be able to illustrate that my contention is true. The Glock 30 and the Glock26 are extremely accurate pistols, much more accurate than they are given credit for. With Respect,
  13. That may have more to do with the shooter than the gun. I went by the review Hickok .45 did on you tube he shot both guns equally well and found that the recoil difference was not so harsh as to be uncomfortable or much different in accuracy. so far I shoot my 30S as well as I did my G30 with just a little bit more felt recoil.
  14. Congrats sir! My Glock 30sf is one of my favorite pistols I own.
  15. dwbG30SF

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    Hello everyone, yes I am new here and this is my first post. I have owned several Glocks over the years, my first being a G21, then G30, and most recently a G30SF. Do you see a pattern here? Yes I'm a .45 ACP fan, big time.

    This new G30SF is amazing to shoot, but has me pulling my shots a little to the left. I know, I know, it's all about trigger control, and trust me, I'm working on it. It seems that every time I fire the SF it's getting better, or should I say I'm getting better with it. Finger placement on the trigger as well as grip preasure seem to be the culprit.

    Any input will be appreciated.
  16. Congratulations on your G 30SF purchase! I got one two weeks ago and it shoots amazingly smooth for a 45.
  17. dwbG30SF

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    Here's an example of me pulling the "Pocket Freight Train" to the left. I expect this will change with more practice.

    Did not mean to have the photo on here twice, still learning this site.

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  18. can anyone tell me what the block 30s is going for now. In my area no gun store has this glock
  19. Hey, nice pistol. I think I would like to have one of those also. I'd wear that on a shoulder rig or inside the pants holster with two 13 round mags to reload and a g26 on my ankle with two 17round mags on the other ankle as a back up. What do ya think?:)
  20. Have a few pre 80's 1911's and a 30sf.....although I've gained respect for the Glock, it's a brick compared to my Series 70's... but who can argue with 10 rounds of .45acp......OMO.
  21. dwbG30SF

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    How about a Super Tuck IWB for CC. That's what I use. Never felt the need to carry extra mags though, unless I'm on a road trip, or in the back country somewhere.

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